Glastonbury Fayre


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Reviewed by stashyjon 7 / 10

Where it all began... Man!!

OK Glastonbury, one of the worlds biggest live music festivals, huge big name acts, fantastic light shows, tens of thousands of screaming teens..... err no. This is Glastonbury before the corporate bread-heads got there man. When it was FREE to go man, the music was everything man and there were no toilets. (The trick was to eat a dozen eggs before you went, eat as little as possible whilst your there and have the laxatives on standby for when you got home... I know, I used to goto Stonehenge back in the day) Yup, this film is a bog standard look at a typical small hippy fest in early 1970s. A few thousand heads, flower children and bikers gather on a small Somerset farm and grove around to the sounds of Gong, Arthur Brown and Fairport Convention amongst others; take acid, smoke pot and drink the local cider.

Sadly legal reasons meant that David Bowies headline set had to be cut from the film and a few other performing acts such as the legendary Hawkwind ended up on the cutting room floor, but on the whole the performances are good, Traffic and the aforementioned Fairport Convention being the highlights.

It's not quite Woodstock, or Monterray Pop, but worth a glance if the hippy movement is your thing...... Man.

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