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David Field as Doug
Felicity Price as Elizabeth
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ptb-8 2 / 10

WASTE is more like it

Another film made about Sydney's so called 'disaffected BORING youth, who apparently are uneducated, mean , self indulgent, lazy and completely unrepresentative of Australia. Nobody in the public asked for this film to be made and when released in 3 cinemas... none of which were in the western suburbs because the distributor knew already nobody West would see it... it was a compete financial failure again again again wasting public taxpayer funds which were spent 'creating' this turgid drivel.. This film has NO market. The public will not leave their homes and pay $16 to see this boring ugly junk in any cinema anywhere. It did not work in 1978 with THE FJ HOLDEN , nor again with MALLBOY in 2000 and anywhere in between... so why is it here again? dunno. and there it goes... west. Waste. Insulting waste to Australia and the taxpayer funded film finance scheme. This film needs to go to "Brat Camp".. and as even 5 year olds say in Australia:.."bugger off".

Reviewed by amelia_kerr 8 / 10

WEST: A film true to Sydney's west

"WEST" is an honest and confident film that made me sit up and pay attention. To Daniel Krige's credit he has written and directed highly complex characters true to people who have experienced their youth in the western suburbs of Sydney. This film does not judge the characters it presents, but rather reveals people who are trying to do their best to "break the mould" with limited options for advancement. "WEST" explores the durability of bonds forged in youth (between Pete and Jerry) via the introduction of a catalyst (Cheryl) and unapologetically portrays the potency of unbridled sexual love for another in a young mind. In this film such all-consuming passion accompanied by the bitterness of complete betrayal has the power to destroy everything in the end. I was extremely moved and impressed after watching this film, which is a rare experience in the current climate of Australian films, which tend to stereotype real people with comedic intent. The cinematography and soundtrack of "WEST" adds to a dark and almost pulsating atmosphere, which matches the struggle behind every hefty decision these characters make. Solid acting and great direction also make this film a must see.

Reviewed by bigjohn639 9 / 10

A relatively perfect depiction of Sydney's inner west.

Really, I cannot believe why this movie isn't up and around the 7-8 territory, as it fictionally nails the way in which the suburbs of western Sydney operate. Also, I am lazy and don't really feel like writing a long review.

Brutally honest it is, containing the mixed-up and meddled world of youth druggery, emotional recovery and sadistic thuggery. Each of these aspects is delved into thoroughly throughout "West", all examined with utmost honesty. Enlightening the audience to both sides of the moon, we see the "unlikeable characters" portray what western Sydney truly can be, by both night and day.

The "unlikeable characters" - which one reviewer refers to as a detriment to the films quality and citing it as a prime reason for their 1/10 rating - are the most important part of "West". Adding amazing amounts of authenticity to the already stunningly real environment, the feeling which will gestate within the audience towards the film's characters will resonate with an emotional and intrigued view you gain if you watch this whilst taking note of the contextual influences upon the its production.

"West" - 9/10.

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