The Discovery


Drama / Romance / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Rooney Mara as Isla
Mary Steenburgen as Interviewer
Robert Redford as Thomas
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mikethebeckett 9 / 10

Underrated Existential Weirdness

Don't know why this is getting some bad reviews. This was actually pretty darn good.

This movie has an interesting take on consciousness and death that is worth the time to watch. Perhaps people are not liking the existential weirdness and the questions it brings up but I enjoyed myself on this one.

I think we all need to ponder consciousness and reality a little more.

Reviewed by UncleLongHair2 5 / 10

Interesting premise and good acting, then kind of falls apart

I actually started watching this by accident by hitting the wrong button on Netflix, and was intrigued by the premise and seeing craggy old Robert Redford and so I kept watching. Without any spoilers (though maybe you've already read some) I thought the basic idea featuring the afterlife was interesting and well-presented. There is a reason why Robert Redford has been a leading man for over 50 years and it's always a pleasure to see him on screen.

I also thought the supporting actors were very good, a lot of personality came across from each character, I also liked the scenes and cinematography, which in a quiet way set a great backdrop. Suffice it to say I was drawn in, and about a third the way through the movie it sets up something that could be Dr. Frankenstein, or The Sixth Sense, or Jonestown, or some combination.

This unfortunately was the peak of the movie. It had set up a sweet romance between the characters played by Jason Segel and Rooney Mara, and that romance turned saccharine sweet and ended up being the main point of the movie which was a surprise. The whole science / religion / afterlife / from the beyond premise was dropped on the floor and nothing developed from it which was the reason I was watching. I thought there was enough depth to the idea that I wondered if they could wrap it up in an hour, in fact I checked to make sure I wasn't watching the pilot of a series. But instead they just pulled the plug. At the scene where the plot twisted in this direction I literally rolled my eyes.

Overall an interesting watch but disappointing in the end.

Reviewed by imdbuser33 7 / 10

Underrated flick that deserves a viewing

I wasn't sure about seeing this film because of the rating, but the concept was interesting and being a fan of Rooney Mara's work I decided to give it a shot. And I am glad I did.

The opening scene is very well done because it grabs your attention from the first second. But what comes after is what bothered most of the viewers who felt disappointed - the personal story line between Jason Siegel's and Rooney Mara's characters becoming the center of attention instead of the concept of an afterlife and how it works.

Personally, while watching the movie, I did feel a little bit deceived, because "the discovery" took a back seat, BUT after finishing the movie it all made sense. I think the film was very well structured and managed to get across it's idea and explanation of how afterlife works very well to the audience, without having to talk about it and explain it in every scene as if the viewers are little children. I do not agree with some statements that the concept of "the discovery" was not well done, finished or explained well. Last 10 min. do contain a lot of information and the viewer should pay attention.

The acting was very good, however overall I must agree that it is not the most exciting film. What I mean is that it won't be in your "most memorable or favorite"movie list. It's a good watch on lazy night though. Give it a go.

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