The Gumball Rally



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Gary Busey as Gibson - Camaro Team
Colleen Camp as Franco's Date
Raul Julia as 'Franco'
Casey Kasem as Radio D.J.
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by i002492 8 / 10

The True Purpose of the Movie

I remember articles about the movie when it was still being shot. It was supposed to be a light hearted romp across the country with the cars being the stars. With that in mind, it succeeds greatly. My son and I have watched the "Garage Scene" over and over again. This movie is to car nuts what a porno is to sex nuts. It's hard to believe you can indulge yourself this much in front of the family without feeling guilty. :^)

Also, I've read a few of the comments and would like to make corrections here. The transmission in the Cobra (yes it was a real 427 Cobra) was a four speed "Toploader" transmission, not a 5 speed Tremec. There were no replica Cobras in those days. Also, the Ferrari was a 365 GTS/4. I also remember reading that the first Ferrari rented for the movie was totaled and they had to get another to take its place. However, that was over 30 years ago.

Reviewed by witster18 7 / 10

Best of the genre

Upon first view.. one will chuckle at the 70's production value in the opening sequence.

Get past that.

Gumball is the best of the cross-country race genre. Much better than any film in the Cannonball series. Why? For one...It's just as funny. Filled with some great lines and chock full of fantastic car sequences. Turning the speakers up may make it sound like you are at a Busch race. Raul Julia steals the show as far as the characters. Every moment that he's on the screen you'll have a smile from ear to ear.

"55 is's slow enough to make you think you're safe....but it's fast enough to kill you" Many scenes were shot at breathtaking speeds WITH THE ACTUAL ACTORS....this really adds to the realism... and overall, every car sequence is eye-popping. Where the 70's production value detracts from the film in the opening actually helps in when it adds a lightheartedness to the absolutely awesome downstretch in the waterways with the music....and of course the cars making music to automobile fans...Ferrari Daytona zipping....427 cobra roaring... steam from the water flying off the engine block.

The actors had fun making this one...and I had fun watching...all 20 some odd times.

shhhhhhhh..... ..........GUMBALL! 71/100

Reviewed by bannonanthony 7 / 10

"What's behind me is not important!"

I first saw this film some years ago, and recently, I recorded it. Fans of racing movies will not be disappointed as the actions on display here is brilliant! This film came before the CANNONBALL RUN films but is every bit as enjoyable as those films are. There are no real big name stars here (apart from the late Raul Julia) but the performances are all great.


Candy tycoon Michael Sarrazin is the arranger of the illegal race from New York to Long Beach, California (naturally). He presumably does this as he has nothing better to do with his time. He and long-time rival Tim McIntire are the two main racers. Unlike the Cannonball Run, there is no cash prize up for grabs, just a trophy shaped like a gumball machine. I guess the main prize for the racers is the fun they have along the way. Of course, the racers are a lovable bunch of eccentrics. Sarrazin races in a Shelby Cobra with a Harvard professor as his partner. McIntire and Julia (a real race driver brought in as a ringer) race in a red Ferrari. A Southern daredevil driver and his mechanic (a young Gary Busey) race in a yellow Camaro. Two elderly upper-class gentlemen drive a Mercedes. Two LA cops drive in their police cruiser (complete with cop car badges for every state they drive through). Two attractive ladies drive a Porsche and the main group is completed by a psychotic Hungarian motorcyclist. There are some other cars involved in the race, but none of them get really far (One car, a Jaguar, doesn't even get started!). Unofficially taking part in the race is the young mechanic Jose who is transporting a Rolls-Royce to California, and brings his crazy girlfriend along for the ride.

Trying to stop the racers every step of the way is Lt. Roscoe. He tries just about anything to try and stop the racers, but they more often than not dance rings around him. There are plenty of laughs in the film, but there are times when the humour doesn't always work. One example of this is when the two cops are pulled over by a Highway patrolman and they convince him that they are shooting a movie. I just didn't like that part. Also, the character of Angie, Jose's girlfriend is rather odd. At one point, a bunch of bikers leer at her and get ready to make trouble but she still goes and gets a soda, placing herself in danger. She must REALLY be nuts!

All in all, the film is great entertainment. The cars are all great looking and the driving is excellent. The performances are also very good, with Julia, McIntire, Sarrazin, Burton(who played Felix Leiter in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER), Jason and Busey being real standouts. Watch this one if you want a good time!

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