Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family


Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 4.7 10 7359

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Tyler Perry as Madea / Joe / Tyler Perry
Shad Moss as Byron
Loretta Devine as Shirley
Isaiah Mustafa as Calvin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by danceability-1 10 / 10

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I loved this Movie, just as I love everything Tyler Perry has done. It doesn't bother me to see the negative side of family, I have a family with a lot of drama and negative and violent things happened to at least one of us. It's reality for some people. I think that's what Tyler Perry draws on. With God, we can hold on to the hope and promise of something better. That's why I buy his movies and plays, he is not shy about sharing God's word, even if at it's misquoted by Madea. Tyler Perry produces entertaining morality plays. Why do people get upset that it is NOT high art? Other movies are fluff and fun and don't have a decent message. At least Tyler Perry gives us a nice message with the silliness.

I appreciate the fact that Tyler brings humor into people's lives. I've always seen the ability to make others laugh as one of the most precious gifts a person could have. This world needs more happiness; I know I could use a good laugh daily. Tyler has created a character or two who can be a little over the top -zany - but as a whole I enjoy his work. Laughter is only one thing his films bring to my life. What I like most is the lessons he teaches with his movies. When she's not acting crazy and going off on people, Madea shares words of wisdom that can reach my heart like a good Bible teaching. (Don't ask her about The Bible, though, because she is not very good at interpreting Scripture). And even when Madea doesn't play a part in a movie, somebody is going to say something thought-provoking. I have All of Tyler Perry's plays on DVD. I will continue to support his work.

danceability-1 Amsterdam Holland

Reviewed by Ryan_MYeah 5 / 10

Typical Tyler Perry fare. Nothing more, and nothing less.

I have to make a confession. I watch Tyler Perry's Madea films. OK, JUST HEAR ME OUT! Now, I think they're all FAR from perfect films, but at the very least, I do enjoy watching the portions featuring Madea. Such was the case of my latest viewing, Madea's Big Happy Family. It's a bit embarrassing to say, but let's just get down to my review.

First of all, we have a tangled web of subplots. The mother of a family, Shirley, is devastated to discover that her case of cancer has worsened, prompting her to plan a family dinner to tell her children about her condition. This includes her daughters, Kimberly and Tammy. Kimberly is a secretive woman (Improperly focused character #1), and Tammy is having trouble with her marriage, and her two disobedient children. This also includes Byron, a man on an unlucky streak, having served jail time for selling drugs, and behind on paying child support to his insufferably obnoxious ex-girlfriend. There's also some drama between Cora and Mr. Brown. But leave it to Madea to set things straight, and not be afraid to beat the living hell out of anyone who steps out of line.

This movie is textbook Tyler Perry. As always, he gathers together a cast that could have been quite good, with good material, but their characters are inconsistently written, and their focus tends to blur because the script is overly cluttered with subplots. It's not a problem because they're hard to follow (They really aren't), but it's because it doesn't give these characters all the attention they deserve.

This isn't even mentioning Tyler Perry's ubiquitous switch in tone. His rhythm moves as comedic scene, dramatic scene, comedic scene, etc. I think the comedy portions are better than the dramatic portions, but the flip flopping between the two makes things feel dull. At the end of the day, I didn't emotionally connect with the story like I feel I should have. For once, I wish Perry would construct a film that's sure of what it wants to be.

I give it ** out of ****

Reviewed by doctor_11 4 / 10

Contains Spoilers!!!!!! Too many stories all in one but funny movie.

I have seen all of Tyler Perry's plays and movies. To me the stories he tells are relatable to any person. I think that his plays are better than his movies. Even though this movie was funny, the plot was all over the place. The rest of the review contains spoilers.

The central character of this film is Shirley. She wants to get her family together and tell them that she is dying. When she does get them together the family members themselves has troubles. That is a quick summary of the movie and here are some key points that I thought should be addressed.

Spoilers!!!!!!!! I warned you!!

Cons; Byron finds out that his sister was his mother all along and is never brought up again. Funny but useless ending. Weird editing. The preaching at the end by Madea was too fast and could have been done through the characters. Not much acting just "character acting." There would be a serious scene then after a funny scene (vice versa).

Pros: Very Funny!! Madea, Bam, and Mr. Brown always keep you laughing.

I really do love Tyler's work but I think his should work translating his plays to screen better.

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