Two Is a Family


Comedy / Drama

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Clémence Poésy as Kristin
Omar Sy as Samuel
Ashley Walters as Lowell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mark_derry 7 / 10

Not too bad a remake

This was made as a European version of the Mexican original. The original was released in 2013 and called "No se aceptan devoluciones" or "Instructions Not Included" and this one was released in 2016 and is called "Demain tout commence" or "Two Is a Family" Both are bilingual. This remake is pretty good but as with almost all remakes, not as good as the original. This version does skip past a few scenes and key story points but otherwise is almost scene for scene the same.

Reviewed by fotopfw 8 / 10

A totally unexpected Omar Sy

I though I knew Omar Sy from his other work: "Intouchables", "Nos jours heureux", "Chocolat". But this is something else! Excellent performance! He's so into his character that it feels he isn't even acting, just being. The plot twist towards the end is a real surprise. You go on guessing the story line, but it goes to and fro a few times. Along the way, you're really rooting for more than one person! It's a tale of "deserving" versus " rights", feelings versus facts. Clémence Poésy did her part very well too and so did Antoine Bertrand, madly in love with his work, thinking very fast. The tempo and timing looked good, I did not feel its length of nearly 2 hours. All in all, a good movie, certainly worth watching, for men and women alike.

Reviewed by simona gianotti 7 / 10

moving and amusing

This is the typical well made comedy–drama, where the wise combination of funny and moving elements results in a good product, also thanks to the good acting performances. Omar Sy really feels his character and is certainly the pillar of strength of a sometimes weak screenplay, but still capable of arousing deep emotion. The (usual) bad Italian translation of the original title (Demain tout commence), with the addition of a useless subtitle, does not render the intention of a picture that wants to touch some delicate chords of human sensitivity, in a very simple and natural way, and manages to do that quite effectively.

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