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Skyler Gisondo as Jared
Jason Sudeikis as Principal Brown
Lisa Kudrow as Charmaine
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kristi-pghc 3 / 10

Not for me

As many other reviewers said I just didn't get this movie. I suppose it simply wasn't for me. The plot was extremely predictable and while I laughed a few times, when asked later to recall when by my husband who hated every second of it I couldn't because the very few funny moments were forgettable. I also didn't love how the movie talked about strong women but then had the role model strong female teacher sleep with a student. I see what they were trying to do but it just fell short.

Reviewed by shannonryan-94349 2 / 10

Not Funny At All

20 minutes into the movie I was squirming in my seat, like I was waiting for algebra class to end. It just felt forced and was not funny or clever at all. Couldn't wait for the movie to end, wasn't a bad movie, just wasn't funny at all, which is what I came for.

Reviewed by kate_mcshane 1 / 10

I am baffled by the high rating.

We did not leave this movie but I wish that we had. While there were several strong performances the movie was trite and there were very few laughs. Had it been a simplistic story that did not engage emotionally paired with a lot of goofy humor I would understand why some enjoyed it. And of course, few laughs plus a genuine and clever story would have worked as well. This movie delivers neither. It was both tiresome and tiring.

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