The Manitou


Horror / Sci-Fi

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Burgess Meredith as Dr. Snow
Tony Curtis as Harry Erskine
Stella Stevens as Amelia Crusoe
Michael Ansara as John Singing Rock
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by russmofo 9 / 10

So weird, so bad, that it's a beautiful thing. Don't miss it.

How can I begin to describe this amazing film? Random images pop into my head from memory... Tony Curtis as a dashing fortune-teller and huckster, prancing around his San Francisco bachelor pad wearing a sorcerer's outfit... one of his elderly female clients being possessed by an Indian spirit and being tossed down a flight of stairs... (you don't even need the pause button to see that the stunt "double" going down the stairs is a big dude in a dress and wig!!)... Burgess Meredith muddling through one of his last film roles, playing a senile old coot with amazing realism, to no one's surprise... an Indian shaman with a Yiddish-sounding New York City accent and a penchant for stale one-liners... a naked midget dressed up like an evil reincarnated Indian fetus covered with goo... a topless Susan Strassberg hovering in the fourth dimension and firing lightning bolts at the evil spirit using electrical energy from a huge 70's-model computer... YOU MUST SEE THIS FILM!!

Reviewed by raymond-x-jacobsen 9 / 10

Well, I liked it a lot!!

I saw this when it first came out in the theatres, with my sister---we loved it and were blown away!! I've since owned it on VHS, and now have the wonderful DVD that was just released. Honestly, given the year it was made and such, it's not a bad film at all, and is one I regularly watch!! Sure, it's a preposterous story, and the effects come off a little dated, but I thought the ensemble acting was great---loved seeing Ann Southern, Stella Stevens, Susan Strasburg, Tony Curtis Et Al tackling this unique idea for a horror film. I thought many, many scenes were intense (the séance scene is a highlight!), and loved how William Girdler interpreted the story. I actually rate this very high, and only ding it because of the slightly dated effects. "Hamlet", it ain't , but it's a very enjoyable horror-romp for the evening, perfect popcorn fodder!

Reviewed by thataw 7 / 10

Trash...But Really Great Trash

The post-EXORCIST 70s produced a variety of quirky, old-fashioned horror films with big name stars whose careers were winding down but who were happy to still be working and who added a touch of class to the proceedings. PSYCHIC KILLER with Jim Hutton, TOURIST TRAP with Chuck Connors and SHOCK WAVES with John Carradine and Peter Cushing immediately come to mind. And then there's THE MANITOU. I saw this movie when it first came out in 1978 and thoroughly enjoyed it. There's something for everyone here... black magic, Native American lore, cool 1970s furnishings (check out Tony Curtis' pad -er- apartment), possession, a séance, demonic birth and a STAR TREK like finish. It's like a summing up of the themes of 1970s horror films with a few well placed shocks and one truly memorable sequence. Curtis takes the Bob Hope approach (complete with quips) to his role as a fake mystic who is suddenly confronted with the real thing. Susan Strasberg makes a suitably vulnerable heroine and Syrian born Michael Ansara is quite believable as an Indian medicine man (no Native Americans in 1978) brought in to fight the evil. Stella Stevens, Ann Sothern, and Burgess Meredith add fun to the proceedings and director William Girdler (ABBY, GRIZZLY) doesn't give you time to think long enough on how preposterous it all is. Sadly this film was to have been his ticket to the big time and would have been (it was a box office hit) had he not been killed in a helicopter crash while scouting locations for his next film. Avco Embassy for whom the film was made was sold to Norman Lear in 1982 and this and other Avco Embassy films disappeared into ownership limbo. Thanks to Anchor Bay THE MANITOU and other 70s A/E films like MURDER BY DECREE and WINTER KILLS have made it to DVD in beautiful widescreen transfers. THE MANITOU may be trash but it's really great trash and I'd rather be watching it than any number of present day horror films. Its well crafted approach to its material (no matter how ridiculous) rather than explicit effects from suffering victims makes it a guilty pleasure that I'll be happy to return to.

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