The Other Side of the Wind


Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
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Dennis Hopper as Dennis Hopper
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Cameron Crowe as Party Guest
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pierceborchardt 9 / 10

Not your father's Orson Welles movie

This is not a movie for everyone. Orson Welles knows exactly who will enjoy this movie. Those who will enjoy this movie are exactly who Orson Welles wants to connect with, people like him, those who truly love Cinema. The art of this movie is evident. It is wholly original in its progression and cinematography. It captures the essience and mind of surrealist directors especially in the 1970s beautifully. It's a virtual time capsule of a movie. It is unintentionally a period piece, love letter to an era now long dead. Yet, this movie is very intentionally trying to put off a chaotic, disorderly, and untidy attitude. It does so very pleasingly. I love this movie. It is pure cinema.

Reviewed by PotassiumMan 8 / 10

The last film by Orson Welles, finally upon us

I had the privilege of seeing this at the New York Film Festival. A sense of awe descended upon the audience as soon as the opening credits began. The fact that this film was finally completed and released is a triumph in and of itself.

Orson Welles' final film is chaotic and unwieldy, but also very haunting and melancholy. The soundtrack is amazing. There is frankly a sliver of a plot. An aging director attempts to make a comeback as Hollywood has drifted away from his era as he throws a big birthday party in which journalists, critics, admirers and some industry professionals join to celebrate. It soon becomes apparent that reporters are there to ascertain information about more than his work. His new film that is in the works is shown. We get to see an unfinished film within a film that is titled "The Other Side of the Wind", one that is sexually explicit.

The late John Huston portrays Jake Hannaford, the director whose approach to filmmaking has earned him a great following and his relationships with the actors he works with makes him a lightning rod of controversy. Huston's sepulchral voice and domineering presence make him flawless in the role as Hannaford. Peter Bogdanovich is well utilized as a younger, successful director whom Hannaford has taken under his wing but whom now Hannaford consults on how to better reach audiences of the new era.

This film is not flawless. The experience of seeing this at long last outweighs its drawbacks. There are some parts of this film that drag a bit. But there are also many, many scenes that are just astounding and I'm so happy they were finally brought to the big screen. Although this film is inconsistent in its narrative thrust, it returns very quickly to its busy, slightly manic state. I don't know if Welles deliberately left this unfinished. What I can say is that the editing is superb and provides us with a film that is a lasting testament to Welles and his legacy as a filmmaker. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Fiahm 5 / 10

Much More 'F For Fake' than 'Citizen Kane'

Look, I was salivating at the thought of seeing this as much as anyone. The idea that there was a final fully shot movie by Orson Welles, that no-one had ever seen, hanging around in film cans for over 30 years is just wonderful. And the title is wonderful too.

As long as this wonderful dream *remained* a dream, it could be *anything* - you could imagine the most beautiful, mysterious, moving work of art ever. It could be - and could always remain - perfect.

But judgment day has marched along and The Other Side Of The Wind has finally been exposed to the inevitable harsh light of day, to scrutiny and evisceration. And the objective results are really not all that pretty. The final product is a shoddy, sloppy, self-indulgent and unattractive 70s student film, with badly staged, badly dubbed and badly acted performances all round, everyone looking rushed and amateurish, like they grabbed 5 minutes of otherwise employed people's time in between shooting a proper film. Only John Huston looks like he's actually IN his role, and even then the way he is filmed diminishes any potentially powerful and memorable moments amidst all the chaos, working continually against the work as a whole.

In my dream ALL the film would have looked like the film *within* the film, which are the only moments of beauty, the only moments that actually feel like a real movie anyone would want to go see. Robert Random and Oja Kodar both look very beautiful and otherworldly. As someone in the film says, the magic picture box loves them.

I'm very thankful for all the work that went into completing this thing, it has been an amazing and unprecedented and inspirational phenomenon, seeing so many people from all walks of life doing what they could to to make it a reality.

But the sad fact is that Orson Welles only directed one truly great film. And this is most decidedly not it.

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