The Sweetest Thing


Comedy / Romance

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Christina Applegate as Courtney Rockcliffe
Jason Bateman as Roger Donahue
Cameron Diaz as Christina Walters
Frank Grillo as Andy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Brui4ns1 9 / 10

Chick flick meets There's Something About Mary

When I first saw the previews this movie I dismissed it as just another chick flick. But after watching it, I must admit I was dead wrong. Though it is part chick flick, it's more like chick flick meets "There's Something About Mary". It was funny to see how women can get as downright raunchy as us guys. I think it tried to be like "Sex in the City". But it actually turned out much funnier and dirtier, and far more entertaining. How all of these people can give it such a low rating is beyond me. There must be a lot of prudes out there. I give it a 9 (only because I can't give it a 9.5).

Reviewed by mledinh 9 / 10


I didn't expect to enjoy this movie but loved it almost from the start. I don't understand the scathing vitriol heaped at this movie from US critics -- how is it more "offensive" or "insulting" than 'American Pie' or 'Animal House'? Is it because in this movie the women are the ones being bawdy and crass and not in their usual roles as naive school girls, there to be played by the male leads? It's not a coincidence that the majority of critics who panned this movie are crotchety old men.

I laughed out loud constantly, the dialogue was pretty good -- there were lots of quote-worthy scenes and the best part was that the girls seemed to have such a good time. I had fun watching them goofing around. The interaction between the female characters and the depth of their friendship was entirely realistic. Women DO sit around being crass, they DO (sometimes) use men for sex and leave them to eat dirt and have fun all the while.

What endeared me forever was the scene where Christinia Applegate is dressed up as Vivian the hooker from 'Pretty Woman' -- her send up of Julia Robert's horsey overlaugh (TM was SPOT. ON. (America's Sweetheart? Gag me with a fork). The scene where Cameron Diaz kisses the male lead was great because the producers allowed her to get her lipstick all messed up. That is such a refreshing change from movies where the makers seem to think it's perfectly normal that a woman who has been skydiving/engaged in mortal combat/enjoyed a night lovin' has not even smudged her makeup.

Reviewed by jimakros 6 / 10

adult sex comedy

This movie is very funny.I laughed out loud a lot.A lot of people here criticize it as if it was supposed to be some serious movie.Its a silly and sexy comedy with a lot of adult language.If you are offended by sex jokes its not the movie for you.I think Diaz and Applegate were great in it and its soooo refreshing to see actresses not being afraid to make fools of themselves on screen.

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