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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lavolteria 9 / 10

Let me explain the End of this movie

To everybody that Is confused on how the movie ended and how she got all the cash, let me explain. That was a flashback of Joy when she was still in Nigeria (before she travelled to Austria). She was working as a fake cash seller. So in Nigeria parties/weddings or events you see a lot of the guest spreading fake cash as a form of celebration. So you saw that the lady at the party was buying the cash from Joy. so at the end, Joy gave some of her earnings to a connection guy to get her to Europe

Reviewed by khanal_1945 7 / 10

Joy's history... Was hard enough...

I watch it with my wife, but we were a little bit disappointed with that end but the core of that was great, how joy managed the situation at the end and how this crazy world show to us his creepy and occult true..

Reviewed by enyiomeruah 10 / 10

It was riveting

Please watch this story. It impacted me. I find myself thinking about the characters days after i watched it. I wont look at this situation the same way again.

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