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William Smith as Drew Savano
Martin Kove as Skip
Terry Kiser as Senator
Lenny Montana as The Kahuna
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Reviewed by BrianG 7 / 10

A good start for Andy

This was Andy Sidaris' second film, and it follows the formula for all the ones that followed: spectacular scenery, even more spectacular women in various and frequent stages of nudity, good action scenes, goofy humor. The plot is about seven mobsters who get together and decide to take over Hawaii, and the government agent assigned to stop them. It's good to see big William Smith playing a good guy, and he seems to be enjoying himself (there's one scene, apparently unscripted but which Sidaris left in, where Smith is sitting, clothed, in a shower room and a gorgeous naked woman appears out of nowhere, sits down next to him and stares at him; Smith obviously wasn't expecting it and bursts out laughing, then looks offstage and shakes his head, as if to say, "Okay, you got me"). The cast is stocked with veteran character actors--Nick Georgiade, Art Metrano, Reggie Nalder--and everyone seems to be having a good time. So will you. It's a fun movie to watch. Pick it up if you can.

Reviewed by Hey_Sweden 8 / 10

A grand diversion.

The almighty William Smith stars in this ingratiating action flick from cult filmmaker Andy Sidaris, known to his fans for following an exploitation film formula to the letter. Bill Smith plays Drew Savano, a loose-cannon government agent who recruits a seven-person team for the purpose of eliminating the criminal element that are poised to take over the state of Hawaii. His team includes Alexa (Barbara Leigh, "Junior Bonner"), the Cowboy (Guich Koock, "North Dallas Forty"), T.K. (Christopher Joy, "Sheba, Baby"), Kincella (Art Metrano, "Police Academy" 2 and 3), martial artist Ed Parker ("Curse of the Pink Panther"), playing a man named Ed Parker, and the "Professor" (Richard LePore, 'Switch'). Each team member is assigned to a different criminal figure.

Since we're discussing Andy Sidaris here, it hardly needs be said that among the assets involved are beautiful island scenery, equally gorgeous women who sometimes take off their tops, lots of action, and a generous dose of humour to let us know that this is all in fun, and that none of this is ever meant to be taken that seriously.

This viewer personally loves stories of the "assembling characters for a mission" variety, and Drew is there to narrate and therefore talk our way through the plot, giving us essential information. It's quite an engaging example of this sort of story, with excellent pacing and a fair amount of hard-hitting violence. Plus, it's not entirely unrealistic in the way that the mission won't go 100% smoothly.

Bright, sunny photography by a D.P. identified only as "Quito", and a vibrant music score (which may be stock music since there's no composer credited) help to make this superior entertainment. The aforementioned sense of humour extends to the movies' most memorable gag, when a hero eliminates a sword-wielding villain by simply shooting him, the same gag later made famous in "Raiders of the Lost Ark".

A rich assortment of familiar faces - Reggie Nalder ('Salem's Lot' '79), Seth Sakai ('Hawaii Five-O'), Lenny Montana ("The Godfather"), Martin Kove ("The Karate Kid"), Terry Kiser ("Weekend at Bernie's"), John Alderman ("New Year's Evil"), and Tadashi Yamashita ("American Ninja") - further adds to the good vibes.

Classic exploitation entertainment, and one of Sidaris' best efforts.

Eight out of 10.

Reviewed by Mister-6 7 / 10

Lucky number....

Good old Andy Sidaris.

You can always count on his movies for a little action, a little intrigue and...say it with me...a little skin.

Flicks like "Seven", for example. This one features a covert team led by William "Big Bill" Smith who is out to kill off the baddies threatening the peace-loving government of Hawaii. Of course, there's always plenty of time to show some dynamic women in all their glory along with the maiming and killing.

But if your movie diet consists of films of this ilk, you could do a lot worse than "Seven". In fact, a lot worse.

TIDBIT - This movie features the famous gag seen a couple of years later in "Raiders of the Lost Ark", where a guy is beset by a swordsman and simply draws a gun and shoots the blade-wielding baddie dead. Not bad.

Seven stars. Who woulda guessed?

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