The Family Way


Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 86%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 84%
IMDb Rating 7.3 10 1307

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Hayley Mills as Jenny Piper
John Mills as Ezra Fitton
Barry Foster as Joe Thompson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by peter.gwen1 10 / 10

A much under-rated film - very moving, and full of good things.

The apparently simple storyline of a young couple having difficulty "starting" their marriage is only a cover for the main sub-plot... the question of whether the son (Hywel Bennett) really is John Mills' son, or is the result of an affair in the early days of Mills' marriage. By the film's end we know the truth, as does John Mills, but that truth doesn't alter his devotion to his "son".

Paul McCartney's first venture into film music makes wonderful listening in its own right - it's like hearing vintage Beatles, and it should be remembered that although Paul composed the tunes, the actual orchestrations and arrangements were carried out by George Martin, at that time a top executive at Parlophone records, who co-operated with The Beatles on all their hit releases.

So many "sympathetic" acting performances in this film, which at times is deeply moving. Marjorie Rhodes, as the ever-patient wife to John Mills - but she also has her own guilt complex to overcome on a daily basis.... she knows the truth behind her family. John Mills, the honest, industrious and yet naive working-class family head. Hayley Mills in her first "grown-up" role, and Hywel Bennett's portrayal of a young man often angry with the world around him, a world that he feels doesn't understand him.

In summary, a marvellous film, grossly under-rated - a viewing experience which stands the test of time. The exterior scenes, by the way, were shot in and around Bolton, Lancashire.

Reviewed by tjw-8 10 / 10

John Mills' finest performance

This is not so much a movie as a filmed play. The acting is paramount in The Family Way, and I personally have never seen a more moving performance than the one John Mills gives here as Ezra Fitton, father of Arthur Fitton, Hywel Bennett's character who is newly wed to Jenny Piper, played by Hayley Mills. Marjorie Rhodes gives a superb performance as Arthur's mother. The emotion comes from the interplay of the characters, particularly the relationship between the two parents and between the father and his son.

The plot involves the travails of the young couple trying to get to know each other while still being forced, through economic necessity, to live with the parents. Arthur is a hyper-sensitive lad, out of place in the solidly working-class Fitton household. The father plainly doesn't know what to make of him and the two of them are verbally sparring throughout much of the picture.

Against this backdrop, the main storyline concerns the failure of the new marriage to "gel" in the words of Jenny's father as he tries unsuccessfully to explain the problem to Ezra. There is much social comedy along the way, but finally, the underlying story that explains the whole situation comes into focus, and the relationship between the father and son is suddenly illuminated.

The moment is incredibly moving and unforgettable and captures the essence of the father/son relationship in a way that I have never seen more eloquently expressed.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 10 / 10

Doing The Deed

I remember back in the day the big buzz about The Family Way was it marked the adult film debut of Hayley Mills. After years of doing fresh scrubbed Disney productions, Hayley was going to do an adult role. And the big news was, it was about SEX.

But when they went to see The Family Way, what Hayley's fans got was a touching life drama about a pair of newlyweds who can't seem to get the deed done. Hywel Bennett and Mills play the young couple and they are an appealing pair.

Bennett and Mills like any other newlyweds would probably just like some privacy, but they can't get any due to family friends, especially Bennett's father who is played by John Mills. This is a most different Mills than what we saw in such films like Great Expectations, Tunes of Glory or Scott of the Antarctic. He's a working class guy from Lancashire, very coarse and rough in his ways, but in the end does show a kind heart.

The game plan is for Hayley and Hywel to get married, spend the wedding night at Hywel's place and then take off for a honeymoon trip. What John Mills decides in a really brilliant move is to keep the party from the wedding reception going over at his place. And then Hywel's clod of a boss, Barry Foster, sneaks into the newlyweds room and loosens the screws of the bridal bed. All in the spirit of good clean fun, but it does spoil the moment and Hywel has a performance problem.

Hayley's character is not all that different from those she played at Disney. She's a sweet young thing who's showing a bit of understandable sexual frustration. Especially after the newlyweds discover the travel agent absconded with their money along with many others. They're now forced to spend two weeks in the house with Bennett's parents. Doubly frustrating because Bennett's younger brother Murray Head is also around. If you'll remember five years later Murray Head was the lust object of Peter Finch and Glenda Jackson in Sunday Bloody Sunday. He's looking just as yummy in The Family Way.

Apart from some brief shots of Hayley Mills's derrière which would not raise a ripple today, there's no nudity, no filming of the deed. In fact if it wasn't that it was Hayley Mills I doubt it would have made any noise even back then.

Best performance in the film though is that of Marjorie Rhodes as Bennett's very wise mother. She suspects a problem, but has a great deal of difficulty just persuading her husband to just let things work themselves out. In fact during the course of the film she confesses an ancient indiscretion herself, showing she does understand far more than anyone realizes.

Best moment in the film is Liz Fraser delivering a truly terrific put-down to Barry Foster who is her husband after he and Bennett duke it out and Bennett is fired. Has to be seen to be appreciated.

The Family Way is one of the best British productions of the Sixties. Paul McCartney wrote the original musical score for the production and the film is shot on location in Lancashire giving it a real feel for the British working class. And it was interesting seeing those Beatle inspired fashions from back in the day.

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