Soul to Keep


Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by marc5477 1 / 10

Beware, most reviews are fake

This is a very low budget and poorly made film with terrible acting and high school level special effects (the few that are there). The reviews written that rate this about 5 are 100% fake.

The premise is a possession type story and has no consistency. I think the writer had no idea how to fill in the time and just copied scenes from other movies and pasted them together. The twist was terrible and the ending was even worse. Now if they had simply been honest and stated that this was a hobby movie then I wouldnt be as harsh and maybe would give this thing a 3/10 but since they clearly wrote fake reviews, they get a 1.

Dont waste your time.

Reviewed by jordanthom 8 / 10

Great Characters and Impressive Horror Plot

Soul To Keep is a thoroughly enjoyable movie for horror fans. The execution of the subtle and haunting horror slowly coming into play for the characters is fantastic. It takes advantage of the dread you feel for what is about to happen, and knows just when to let the story fully unleash. The film also cleverly brings in demonic and spiritual mythology in a way that feels organic and intensely interesting. Kate Rose Reynold does some really impressive body horror when she plays the first friend to be possessed. She is so creepy and unsettling, which I really loved out of the performance. I was terrified of her. This is a really engaging and interesting film that exceeds all expectations you could have. The cinematography is really impressive and only made the horrifying moments even more horrifying.

Reviewed by elissaanncaplan 8 / 10

Fun-loving and entertaining cast

If you enjoy creepy thrillers, I would recommend watching Soul to Keep. This film directed by David Allensworth brings you into the lives of a fun-loving friend group of college kids just trying to have a good time on vacation. They are heading into the wooded mountains and are staying at two of the friends' grandfather's farm home for a little weekend getaway. Excited to party and enjoy their time together, these kids are looking forward to a trip of a lifetime. However, they will soon find out that the home they are staying is full of negative energies and creepy supernatural spirits that will make them fear instead that this is their last trip of their lifetimes. Allensworth does a great job in creating an approachable group of characters with seemingly authentic chemistry, and thriller scenes that are scary realistic. Soul to Keep is a solid horror film that I would definitely recommend seeing!

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