Gorillas in the Mist


Biography / Drama

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Sigourney Weaver as Dian Fossey
Iain Glen as Brendan
Bryan Brown as Bob Campbell
Julie Harris as Roz Carr
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by GilraenEstel 10 / 10

A wonderful portrayal of one woman's dream

Who was Dian Fossey? Enviromental enthusiast? Insane eco-warrior? Or both?

Gorillas In The Mist is the story of this extraordinary woman whose work with Mountain Gorillas in Congo, and subsequently Rwanda, quite possibly saved these beautiful creatures from extinction. Her hard work and determination in studying these wonderful animals led to an amazing living arrangement with them.

How simply amazing must it be to touch, play and hold hands with a silverback Gorilla in the wilds of Africa? How would it feel to find that same silverback with his head, hands and feet cut off by poachers? To be frank, these gorillas were Dian Fossey's children - each had a name, each had their own unique trait - so it is hardly surprising that she became a little possessive and started treating the animals as her own. The horrors that she experienced on those mountains would send anyone mad.

Sigourney Weaver is simply superb as Fossey, portraying her hard work and gradual decline into insanity with that touch that only a few actresses possess. Her chemistry with co-star Bryan Brown adds to the feel of the film and the fact that she was brave enough to go anywhere near real gorillas is fascinating. To be fair, the two hours do drag a little, but Weaver is talented enough to carry the film through it.

Weaver once said "I only get the parts that Meryl [Streep] passes up" but to be honest, I couldn't imagine this brilliant woman being played by anyone else but Sigourney.

Reviewed by disdressed12 8 / 10

very fine movie "based on" the life of Primate expert Dian Fossey

this movie is based on the life of Dian Fossey and her work with the gorillas in a remote part of Africa."based on" usually means that some of the content is true and parts of it are fictionalized for dramatic effect.for sure Dian Fossey did work with gorillas in Africa and was instrumental in the increase of their population.some of the details may have been altered,but the gist of the story is true.i thought it was a very entertaining,touching and heartbreaking story.i think Sigourney weaver did a great job as Dian Fossey.she really brought some passion to the character.the movie was also thought provoking and i actually became angry more than a few times about some of the incidents that occurred.i find it rare to become so actively involved with a movie nowadays.for me "Gorillas in the Mist" is at a strong 8/10

Reviewed by sddavis63 10 / 10

A Magnificent Movie; Heart-Breaking Yet Hopeful; Sigourney Weaver At Her Best

Like most movie buffs, I have seen Sigourney Weaver in a variety of roles and genres, from "Ghostbusters" to "Alien" to "A Map Of The World" among others, and yet I don't think I have ever seen her offer a better performance than in "Gorillas In The Mist," in which she plays fanatical gorilla researcher and protector Dian Fossey. Fossey's life - and ultimately her tragic and violent death - leaps out from the screen through Weaver, as we watch her evolve from the uncertain and inexperienced assistant to the great anthropologist Louis Leakey to the committed expert on these marvelous creatures, sometimes going over the top in her quest to save them. Be warned of some possible spoilers ahead.

The movie is absolutely heart-breaking in places. The terrified mother gorilla trying to save her baby as the tree they've climbed is cut down by poachers; Fossey's anguished cries of "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," to the baby she nursed back to health only to have to turn her over to zookeepers; the horrible death of Digit. I have to confess that each of these scenes brought a few tears to my eyes. And yet the basic gentleness and nobility of the gorilla is brought out as well, and the movie ends on a sad yet hopeful note. Fossey is murdered - certainly by the poachers she opposed for years - but her body is buried beside her beloved Digit, and the gorillas (even Digit's group) live on and increase in number.

The movie contains strong supporting performances from Bryan Brown as National Geographic photographer Bob Campbell, with whom Fossey falls in love but for whom she won't leave her gorillas, from John Omirah Miluwi as Sembagare, Fossey's gentle guide through the African jungles to Iain Cuthbertson who was perfectly believable as Louis Leakey.

This is spectacular. From the photography to the acting to the reality behind the story. I honestly can't come up with a flaw.


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