Tell Tale


Action / Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Lena Headey as Elizabeth Clemson
Josh Lucas as Terry Bernard
Pablo Schreiber as Bernard Cochius
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rossp23 7 / 10

Better than you think!

First off, this is not any kind of interpretation of Poe's story; Modern or otherwise. The only thing similar is that the main character can hear a heart beat, sometimes. Suspense is held throughout the movie! It held my full attention and I couldn't wait to see what happened next. That's all I will say about the actual plot to not spoil anything. There is graphic violence, and overall the film has a depressing mood to it. Why then did I give a 7? The acting by everyone is great..except for the English doctor's! it was horrendous! Her lines sucked and she made me feel awkward. So bad that it takes away from the rest of the movie. Overall, a good flick to check out.

Reviewed by blanche-2 6 / 10

A riff on the Edgar Allan Poe story

I liked Josh Lucas in The Client, so I chose this film as a rental. Don't ask me why because horror/thriller/blood is just not my thing.

A husband and wife die in a botched robbery, and the man's heart goes to Terry Bernard, a single father of a daughter with a degenerative disorder. Terry keeps remembering bits and pieces from what must have been the donor's last moments. He starts being able to hear his heart beat. Then he sees one of the donor's killers and does away with him.

Terry is tortured by the sound of his heart, the fact that he's killed, and the flashes of memory he has. But he continues finding the killers and getting rid of them. Meanwhile he is starting a romance with an attractive doctor at the hospital who wants to help him, but he won't tell her what's wrong. The only person who knows his secret is the officer who was in charge of the case but couldn't close it. He wants Terry to do what he can't - get justice.

You may like this if you're into horror-type films. I have to say I liked the ending very much, and it really brought the level of the film up. And the story is intriguing.

This could have been a bigger, better film, but given its budget, it does well enough.

Reviewed by beverlyhellbillys 9 / 10

I'd watch it again!

I picked this up at Blockbuster over the weekend (because I think the lead man, Josh Lucas, is heart-stopping handsome--no pun intended!), and I was quite pleasantly surprised.

The Rhode Island setting is beautiful, the plot is definitely intriguing and the characters are dear. I really felt for this single father whose life has been turned upside-down and his morality compromised by the supernatural powers his angry heart holds.

It's true that this Edgar Allan Poe adaptation is VERY loose; it's more "inspired by" Poe's short story than anything else, but hey, the tale inspired a great film!

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