Save the Last Dance 2


Drama / Music / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.3 10 4865

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Jacqueline Bisset as Monique
Ne-Yo as Mixx
Columbus Short as Miles
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nimbus-chick 3 / 10

This Writer Should Not Be Allowed to Hold a Pen

There were some good moments in STLD2, sure, but the few good ones could not make up for all the bad. In the first five minutes of this movie we saw an interview with no context (Who was interviewing her? Why? Documentary?) and a misfired Hamlet joke.

On the first appearance of the room mate, Zoe (who even has a cliché quirky brunette name) we see that the writer clearly doesn't even have the basic knowledge required for his craft. Zoe's trunk is full of random things that are nothing but random and there to paint her as the crazy whore drama kid. Thanks. I appreciate you stereotyping my people. When the skull was picked up and Zoe said that it was Hamlet, I almost turned off the movie. I don't think you can call yourself a writer if you are not familiar with the masterpiece of English speaking literature. THE SKULL IS YORIK! The rest of the movie follows in this way. Clichés, bad lines and jokes that don't quite make sense in context. There was a good moment where Miles (Columbus Short, the redeeming actor in this movie) plays the sound of ice cracking. That was pretty much it. The dances weren't that good and half of them were cut creatively so they didn't really have to show them. Half of one girl's dance was inter cut with the exact same "oh puh-lease" expression that the main actress kept pulling. It was painful.

The movie didn't address the race issue (which was half the point of its predecessor) and the conflict was a creation of the main character's head where she decided her boyfriend lied to her when in fact he never did. They never danced together either. So why was it a sequel? The movie also had an annoyingly self righteous message about conservatory schools. They painted the elite elimination of students in the lower half of the class as cruel. Sorry, in the real world you DON'T get an A for effort and people CHOOSE to go to conservatory schools for the elitism and the status they can achieve if they make it through. Boohoo, life isn't fair.

At the end of the movie I really hated the main character. She pretty much spat in the face of her teacher by refusing to go to the party. Instead of being grateful for her amazing opportunity and letting the old bird show her off for a few hours and then quitting ballet the next day, she had to embarrass her. It's not her fault you don't wanna be a ballerina! In the end I think someone else wrote Miles (Columbus Short) and then they hired a fifteen year old girl wannabe dancer to write the rest of the movie. Way to go. When there are so many talented writers who are struggling to make ends meet, you go and pay someone who should probably go be an accountant.

Reviewed by leanne_hoadley1988 1 / 10


This film has got to be one of the worst sequels ever produced. The plot line was poor, confusing and the ending was really unclear.

Characters who were in it just disappeared without any fuss.

No where near as good as number one.

This sequel goes down in flop history with:

Grease 2 & Dirty Dancing 2

Classics having their names ruined with producers who make one film to many!

I just wondering if any of the people who have written reviews have actually seen the film??

Total waste of money. I wouldn't recommend it at all!!!

Reviewed by lucasrulez 6 / 10

i thought it was going to be poor, but you know what its not bad.....

I've got to say when I first heard about a Save the last dance 2 I thought cheap knock off can never come near the original. Then when I saw the cast for this film i was even inclined to feeling this was going to be a poor sequel but you know what its not that bad...

I think that this is a fun lively little film its not a world beating film or anything like that but a good film to watch in the comfort of your home. I find this is probably one of the better dance films on the market at the moment and the love story element flowing in the background carries the film along nicely. I think perhaps 6/10 is a fair mark for this film.

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