Planet of the Apes


Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 45%
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Mark Wahlberg as Captain Leo Davidson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by XweAponX 10 / 10

Planète Des Singes

Revisiting this film 13 years later makes me wonder why I hated it. I found this in MovieBox on my i-Pad. Loaded it up, fired up AirServer and streamed it into my main Media PC, then I sat back and got absorbed by this story like I never have been.

And I actually enjoyed it - I first saw this when it came out, thinking it was a pompous bloated misrepresentation of the original. Mainly I hated Mark "Stumbling Rock Star" Wahlberg- But since then I have seen him in a few roles that suited him, especially his character from "The Departed".

So I think that is what I had to get past, my initial distaste for an actor I didn't know. I don't know why I didn't like him, I just wasn't familiar with him.

Compared to other Tim Burton films, this one keeps the Camp level down compared to "Sleepy Hollow" or "Mars Attacks" - He returns to the Grimness of "Batman". Burton approaches this as pure Science Fiction and treats it with more respect than "Mars Attacks". In fact, compared to Mars Attacks, this is a serious movie.

In 1963 Pierre Boulle, author of "Bridge on the River Kwai" wrote a book called "La Planète Des singes" aka "Monkey Planet", which is told 3rd- person to a kinky space-faring couple who find a manuscript in a bottle floating in space. That story was the basis for the 1968 film and some of the events in the sequels. One of the aspects of Space Travel used in that 1963 novel was the prospect of Time Dilation, in which time moves more rapidly on Earth than it does for Travelers moving at relativistic speeds. This was used heavily in this film as Wahlberg's monkey's pod gets sucked into a Wormhole and the Ship he is on starts seeing transmissions from all times instantaneously. But we see later that it is just not the "Time Barrier" that gets crossed, some heavy Alternate Realities are taking place.

This 2001 film returns to some of the original aspects of the book, in that respect, it is not as grim an ending as the 1968 version- So the whole surprise ending of the Heston version is missing- However, the ending of this film is based on the ending of the book.

As far as the "Planet of the Apes" in this film, it looks good, the CGI is great and does not look phony, and Tim Roth is one nasty piece of work. The "Nova" character is played by Lisa Marie but not as a Major Character, in fact they made Nova a Chimp in this one. The Hero's Squeeze is played by Estelle Warren, "Daena". The Ape Prosthetics are very well made and it is difficult to see Helena Bonham-Carter as a Chimp or Michael Clarke Duncan as an Ape. But Tim Roth's "Thade" is a piece of slimy business and perfect casting. Not to mention Charleton Heston's Final Cameo and statement that denounces his own beloved NRA.

We have no modern day Rod Serlings to write scripts, but I think this script has given several nods to his work.

I think this is one of those films like "Bringing up Baby" that is appreciated more and more years after it's release, as Bringing up Baby is considered to be the classic example of slapstick comedy, this film will have a place in the Film Vaults- Visually it is astounding, it's not at all like any of Tim Burton's other work of the time. Maybe this is why it did not go over that well, just like 2001's "Evolution" with David Duchovny, which also was not appreciated that year, but today has been picking up fans who realize just how funny it really is.

Ultimately, time is the final judge, not box office figures or the ratings of Websites that no longer exist. Nor does it matter that 1,350 bad reviews of this were posted on IMDb, many of those made by one person. As far as this movie goes, it is worth it to go back and revisit. But when it comes to "Planet of the Apes" versus "The Phantom Menace" I choose BOTH versions of Planet of the Apes. I can find all kinds of good reasons why this is a much better movie than all three Star Wars prequels.

Reviewed by destinylives52 6 / 10

Very Inferior Remake

An inferior remake of the original, "Planet Of The Apes" (2001) has Mark Wahlberg playing an astronaut who gets sucked into a time warp thingy in space and crash lands on a planet where apes rule and enslave primitive humans. Luckily for Wahlberg, a female ape (played by Helena Bonham Carter) has the hots for him (!) and sets him free. With the help of a couple of apes and a band of humans Wahlberg has set loose, they search for his ship that contains a device that can send an S.O.S. to Wahlberg's mother ship. Closing in behind Wahlberg's group is a large, ape army all stirred up to kill Wahlberg and any human who dares defy the dominance of apes.

My most memorable, movie moment of "Planet Of The Apes" is the final scene, which is a surprise, twist ending. Unfortunately, it doesn't make sense. I suspect idiot, studio executives were to blame, probably counting their chickens before they hatched (or should I say counting their monkeys before they were born), looking for a way to introduce a possible sequel and didn't care that it made no sense. Damn you, idiot, studio execs! Damn you all to hell!

In a nutshell, this remake of "Planet Of The Apes" is a rock covered in a fancy wrapper. It doesn't matter how pretty the wrapper is…what you have is still a rock.


Reviewed by sheronbalas 8 / 10

Don't watch this underrated movie as a remake, watch it as a different movie

I watched this movie first before the original. I have watched both films many times. In my viewing experience, this movie was definitely better than the original, but that may be because I watched this first. This film did lack something extra, but there were many interesting parts. The quality was definitely better than the original. The apes were more ape like. They used their ape strengths instead of being more like humans with a mask on. A must watch if you did not watch the original.

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