Planet of the Apes


Action / Adventure / Romance / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 89%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 87%
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Charlton Heston as George Taylor
Roddy McDowall as Cornelius
James Whitmore as President of the Assembly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tweetienator 9 / 10

This Is The Real Deal

This is the real Planet of the Apes - superior to the reboot in any sense and in any aspect - better acting, better story, better everything, I even like the ape-masks more (they look far more real) then this crap CGI-Apes of the new ones.

Charlton Heston plays the lead role in three classics of sci-fi: Soylent Green, The Omega Man, and Planet of the Apes. Like Ben Hur these movies are top notch for their time and even still after all the time for the genre of sci-fi.

Watch this one and the sequels (they are not with Heston and can't keep up with the level of the 1st movie but are still good) and skip the video games Hollywood tries to sell us as "movies".

Reviewed by Bella 10 / 10

Excellent Sci-Fi With Amazing Acting And Landscapes!

The Planet Of The Apes (1968) is an Adventure/Sci-Fi movie starring Charlton Heston as George Taylor. Although the main focus of the movie is science fiction, there are some funny moments and some sweet moments as well. The movie begins with Charlton Heston, an American astronaut, talking in the control room and then later, after the main title sequence, the astronauts awake from their beds. The ship begins flooding and they attempt to signal to Earth to inform them that they have landed. They cannot save the ship so they grab life jackets and abandon it. As they exit, you can gather that they have crashed onto a planet with water and dark red sand mountainous islands. They get their life raft and begin to paddle while their spaceship sinks so they realize they will be unable to get home.

At first, it is unknown what planet they are on and what kind of species the planet is inhabited by. As they get to land, they test the environment with some of the equipment they salvaged from the crash. They only have enough food and water for 3 days so they will need to explore the planet and find another way to eat. The acing is great and the landscape is stunning. The movie will leave you wondering and questioning what will happen next.

The special effects are excellent for its time. While exploring, lightning which looks realistic is simulated to add to their journey. A heavy boulder almost falls on them as it crashes into pieces and forces them to run around it. It all looks magnificent. You won't believe that the movie was made in 1968. The astronauts find life in the form of a plant and they seek out to find more of it. Eventually, they find a waterfall and bathe in it. Something steals their clothes and equipment. Upon investigation, they realize it is a being that looks similar to humans but appears to be mute and less intelligent than homo sapiens. Their humanness is shown as their first thought is to rule over these less intelligent beings.

When the apes appear the first time, very intense orchestra music plays. The human- like beings get scared and immediately begin running for their lives. It is apparent why they ran when the apes, mounted on horses, begin shooting at them. Considering the movie is so old, the apes look pretty decent.. at least as decent as they possibly could at that time. We find out later that the apes are able to speak. This Sci-Fi classic will take you on an adventure as it follow's these astronaut's journey on The Planet Of The Apes. The acting, landscapes, and special effects make this film one of the best films of all time.

Reviewed by ComedyFan2010 10 / 10

A sci fi classic for a reason

This is a sci fi cult classic for a reason. When watching it I was full into the story and couldn't believe that this amazing movie is already 50 years old.

Of course it had elements of it's time. For the most part the big overacting of Charlton Heston. Starting with the dramatic scene in the beginning where he comments on the mission and including his ridiculous laugh a bit later when they were exploring the planet they landed on. But this didn't really bother me and seemed to have ended after a while (or maybe I got used to it). From some of the old movies that I saw this seemed to be a normal acting way back in the days.

But other than that the movie is perfect. The costumes and settings are so well done. It is not surprising that they got the Oscar for the costumes. They really looked like apes and when I went through the profiles of the actors in it I couldn't believe that it was them. Was a shocker for me that Zira was played by Kim Hunter, Stella from Streetcar Named Desire. The setting was also done really well giving a great atmosphere to the movie.

It gives a few philosophical questions to think about when it comes to society. They were very well incorporated into the story. I first felt frustrated how Dr. Zaius can ignore George Taylor's ability to speak but as the movie progressed and especially at the end I could understand his motives.

The ending was epic. Even though I didn't see the movie before I already knew how it ends (hard to avoid that spoiler for all my life and having watched the newly made prequels). Yet it was still an amazing scene that gave me goosebumps and lots of thoughts.

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