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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dochi-87167 10 / 10

Impressing Ending..

But I wanted more....Although movie moves a bit slowly, the idea was good...unexpected ending. The ship was too funny though.....nothing inside... an hive full of honey?

Reviewed by enhaxed 8 / 10

For Fans of Thoughtful Scifi

Really enjoyed this movie, the acting was excellent and the story engaging. Definitely for true fans of the scifi genre. If you're looking for a superficial CGI driven western in space this isn't it.

Reviewed by amallassi 10 / 10

Unpredictable and haunting

Quality cast and incredible atmosphere. What starts as a fairly simple premise soon morphs into a myriad of twists and thought provoking concepts. As with all great Sci-fi it takes a very current issue and explores it in a magnified future. Very refreshingly compared to some predictable modern storytelling I genuinely had no idea where the characters were going to go next. A beautifully unhurried pace and mood that harks back to 70s and early 80s film making. Native leaves you thinking about its questions about modern society for a long time after. Very recommended.

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