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Guy Pearce as Joe Martin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by migueldominguezmr 1 / 10

What the hell is this?

So you're told to watch a movie about a terrorist plot, starring Guy Pearce, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Carice van Houten and Søren Malling. And you think "Hey, I know these guys, they are good actors!". You are told that Brian De Palma is directing, and you think "Brian 'Scarface' De Palma? Let's watch this!"

90 minutes later you are still trying to wrap your head around the impossibly bad movie that you have been subjected to.

How on Earth did this happen? Yeah, the Trivia section mentions production issues and all that, but then again, what the hell was this? Let's just forget this movie exists and move on.

Reviewed by pasclafani 1 / 10


The acting by Guy Pierce and his wife or girlfriend was terrible. How can someone go from Game of Thrones to this is beyond me. The music sounds like it came from a 1950s movie. Put DePalma out to rest somewhere !

Reviewed by divealanya 1 / 10

Terrible film

Bad acting all round. Awful dramatic music and unbelievable script. Made laugh that at a crime scene the CSI are all in masks and gloves with shoe covers. The main character of the film walks right through the crime scene in his own shoes. Don't waste 90 minutes of your life watching this tosh. It's the turkey of the year for me

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