The Indian in the Cupboard


Drama / Family / Fantasy

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Steve Coogan as Tommy
Richard Jenkins as Victor
David Keith as Boone
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by k-english 10 / 10

Great Movie For Kids

Forget reviews saying this is not as good as the book. No films are are a good as the book! Watch this movie with an 8 year old child and you will see how good the film is.

Thank you Frank Oz for a wonderful film. The acting from the young children is above average and the tearful ending just right for a young audience. Interesting to note Steve Coogan plays a miniature model come to life - something he repeats later in his career in A Night At The Museum. Typecasting?

The effects are also very good. Remember this is 1995 when CGI was in it's infancy - but the miniaturisation of the cast is flawless.

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 9 / 10

'Omri" One Of The Most Likable Kids Ever On Film

I'm a sucker for nice kids, not those snotty ones seen so often in films from the '60s to the present. In here is a wonderful neat-looking little kid, Hal Sardino, who is unusual in that this is the only movie he ever starred in. To his credit, Scardino went on to live a "normal" life after this film, eventually going to college as a regular student like you and me with no celebrity status.

The film is anything but "normal," a fantasy about a young boy who receives a cupboard that transforms little toy figurines - in this case, an Indian and then a cowboy. - into miniature real-life people. Each time he opens or closes the box with the figures in them, they change to either real or back to plastic.

Scardino, who plays Omri," is fun to watch, if for no other reason than the great expressions on his face. He has to be one of the most likable children I've ever seen on film. Meanwhile, his best friend "Patrick" is the only villain, so to speak, only because he's a bit "defiant," as his mother labels him and he almost spoils everything for "Omri."

It's a solid family film that is fun for both the parents and kids to watch at the same time. Both will get a lot of entertainment out of it. With just a bit of profanity early on and a bit of obvious political correctness, there is nothing in here which should offend viewers. Critics didn't seem to care for it, so you know it truly was a nice, wholesome film....and fun to watch.

Reviewed by mbritt1216 10 / 10

A warm, excellent family film

Why this movie doesn't have an average of around 9 eludes me. It is a wondeful film. So well acted and with a very engaging story. This is a great film for the whole family. You'll love it. The lead actor - Hal Scardino - is such a natural. He's completely believable, as is his friend. The Indian is also wonderfully brought to life. How they made the special effects work so well back in 1995 (well... that was a while back for film special effects anyway...) I don't know. I wish we could see more warm hearted films like this today.

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