The Professor


Comedy / Drama

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Johnny Depp as Richard
Zoey Deutch as Claire
Ron Livingston as Harry
Rosemarie DeWitt as Veronica
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paulijcalderon 8 / 10

"Why do we float through this weird thing called life without living?"

Be yourself. Be true to yourself. Don't settle for what you are not. Quotes from this movie resonated with me. My mind has been wandering on lines like: "Why do we float through this weird thing called life without living?". Live life and don't simply exist. Like the Professor says: "You got one shot at this. Don't let a moment of it slip by." A genuine performance by Johnny Depp and the whole cast. I enjoyed the writing. With the emphasis on observations and the thoughts of the mundane, relationships and the honesty of people. It also includes the best acting I've seen from Danny Huston. I full heartedly bought his friendship with Depp's character. The story starts with a slightly quirkier tone, but gets more and more real as you get to the second half. Depp plays the broken man and you can see that pain and regret in his eyes. A very human story that eventually tugged at my heartstrings. Some scenes could have been handled differently during the first half. But the deep thoughts and confessions presented later was able to bring it all home. I do feel better for having been on this little journey of a man and his emotional bender. It's very unfiltered, so it's definitely not for too young minds. You gotta be somewhat ready the face hardships of existence. While not perfect, the director and the whole crew still made one thing very clear: That this one was from the heart.

Reviewed by ariaellis 10 / 10


Lovely movie. Johnny Depp shines. It's charming, heart-breaking and funny. It's nice to see a movie with Johnny where he's not buried under make-up.

Reviewed by puppyzwolle 9 / 10

Sweet, glorious end.

Well written story where wit and seriousness all mix into a feast. Depp is great as a man on his last spurt to make his life what it's supposed to have been.

This is the 'Poet Society' of this decade. It is 'Groundhog Day' except it is not about infinite chances but just that one chance. This is 'Stairway to Haven' preformed by Heart (look it up). If you saw more in these than just a bit of fun you will really, really like 'The Professor'.

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