Madea's Big Happy Family



IMDb Rating 4.7 10 1095

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Tyler Perry as Madea
Loretta Devine as (Mother-in-Law)
Shannon Kane as Kimberly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bearfaceproductions 10 / 10

Tyler's Best Play, so far

I thought to myself. "Hmm... another repetitive play is up for sale" Curious I watched it and laughed harder than ever, and for the first time I felt emotional in a certain scene.

It had way more depth than any other play he's ever done, with some new elements to his stories, it becomes very successful.

Better camera angles, good acting and great scenery. I was very amazed, with a deeper message for practically everyone (specially the youth) has made this one play I'd like to watch over and over again, with such rich musical scenes and excellently written script.

I don't understand the low rating here, but it's typical since everyone has haters.

Great for Tyler Perry it's a 10.

Reviewed by countryshack 10 / 10

It's not a movie?

The wife rented Tyler Perrys 'Madea's Big Happy Family' for movie night. And, having watched a few of his movies in the past, I was thinking: "OK, it's not going to be an action movie tonight but I should be able to get through and even enjoy it." Then when it begins I mentioned to her that it has a strange beginning for a movie. It was at that moment that she uttered those feared words: "It's not a movie, it's a play." I started to panic! No less than five minutes later, I shocked myself by laughing out loud until I had tears in my eyes.

I was amazed at how his writing could take you from tears of laughter to tears of sorrow and back again like a roller-coaster ride. And while you are on this incredible ride, Mr. Perry is also weaving a tapestry of spiritual character and good old common sense that everyone can learn something from.

When it ended I wished that it would have gone on longer. I was shocked when I realized that I'd been watching it for two and a half hours already!

OH, and for those of you that can 'feel' music, and you know who you are, Mr. Perry has given you many gifts in this department also.

When I wrote this review the IMDb rating was 4.5 which was shocking to say the least. Even taking into account the unusual number of flakey or half brain dead people walking around today, it still amazes me that someone could watch this play and give it a very low rating. Anyway, I thought that it was so good I plan on buying the DVD to add to our collection.

Reviewed by bdise2 7 / 10

Another Funny Madea Movie!

I really enjoyed this Madea movie. It had elements of humor, romance, sadness, and reality. Madea is a tough woman who tells it lik it is. She's the kind of relative we all want, and need. Don't mess with Madea. While there is lots of humor, there is a life lesson, which rounds out the movie. I haven't seen all of Madea's movies, but this ranks as one of my favorites. I didn't find any moments that were draggy or slow. Aunt Bam absolutely cracked me up. If you like Madea, you'll like Madea's Big Happy Family,

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