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Kayden Kross as Herself
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jake_fantom 1 / 10

The Sad Truth

The sad truth is, they were boring way back when, at the height of their careers, and they're even more boring now, trying to pretend what great fun it all was, and what pioneers of personal liberty they all were. Pornography itself is inherently boring, and the endless babbling about their so-called lives after porn is one colossal yawn. Plus, in their search for porn "stars", the producers are now plumbing the bottom of the D list. If this crew of has-beens wasn't so enormously self-aggrandizing, one might be tempted to feel some pity for them. But peddling this pathetic lifestyle as fun and glamorous erases any sense of empathy any normal viewer might feel.

Reviewed by [email protected] 8 / 10

a 20/20 for porn production industry of America

It is a master piece of a reporting documentary for sex film actors and producers. the film interviewed some of the famous pron stars like jenna presley, priya rai, even from a lot interviews from the oldies, i mean 90s, the legendary luc wylder and alexandra silk from adam and eve production and fallen angle, etc.... the film drew out how they felt for making a living diving in the industry. i believe all their words are honest and from deep of their heart.

it is better have to watch enough porn to understand and admire this documentary. it is fun and interesting to have a pron history lesson. well, time is pushing the industry, "new waves push the old waves out". still unlimited money coming in, but many competitions. it feels like once you are famous in the industry, your whole life will be known in a bad way in the society.

i don't understand why we don't get some concerned reviews for this film on imdb. this film should be in college liberal arts classes.

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