French Kiss


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Meg Ryan as Kate
Kevin Kline as Luc Teyssier
Jean Reno as Inspector Jean-Paul Cardon
Timothy Hutton as Charlie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hawkeye4077th 10 / 10

Beautiful, simply beautiful

I just watched this and fell in love! Everything about it was entrancing! Superb acting, fantastic scenery, and you have got to love that soundtrack! I absolutely love Kevin Kline, and he nailed it again in French Kiss. Can I help it if I like him as a French man? Meg Ryan was astoundingly funny. Comedic performances were perfect and the romantic side was so sweet it will break your heart! If you get the chance to see this, whether it be on TV or whatever, watch it. It will make you laugh out incredibly loud (ahem, like me) and cry at its ending (again, like me). I give this a 10 out of 10. But, then again, that is just me. You'll have to check this out to be the judge of that yourself.

Reviewed by roghache 7 / 10

Delightful romantic comedy, this Frenchman's a charmer

This is a really cute little romantic comedy. The story revolves around a young history teacher, Kate, who's afraid of flying but forces herself to hop on a plane for Paris to try and win back her fiancé, Charlie, who has dumped her for a gorgeous French woman. However, her seat mate on the plane happens to be a charming French crook named Luc, who uses the unsuspecting Kate to smuggle his stolen diamond necklace for him. Then, casting himself as an expert in affairs of the heart, he resolves to help Kate win back her man, later complicated by the fact that he falls for her himself.

Their adventures across France, from Paris to Cannes, in pursuit of the fiancé and his new girlfriend, make for some pretty amusing scenes. The plot is livened up by the repercussions of Luc's larcenous tricks, little sub-plots with a fellow con artist and a cop who owes him a favour. My sole complaint with this movie is a couple of unnecessary f-words and a fair bit of profanity, especially on Kate's part (taking the Lord's name in vain), reflective of the screenwriters' laziness in avoiding clever dialogue in these scenes.

Meg Ryan is her usual cute, bubbly, rather ditsy self in the role of Kate and Timothy Hutton is suitably obnoxious and despicable as Charlie, the fiancé who dumped her. However, the real star of this film is Kevin Kline, who puts genuine charm into the role of this rakishly endearing thief, Luc, and demonstrates an extremely credible French accent, in my opinion. His entire persona here makes it difficult to believe that Kline isn't really French. He must have had a fantastic language coach! Also, there is great on screen chemistry between Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline.

It's a delightful, light hearted film, a good date movie, and not necessarily just a chick flick as my husband enjoyed it too.

Reviewed by jax713 9 / 10

A fantasy fulfilled....

I have to believe that any woman who is honest with herself would get happily swept into the fantasy of French Kiss. What female in her right mind wouldn't want to end up like Meg Ryan's character, standing on a hillside in France with a fascinating, funny, smart, gorgeous hunk of a man kissing her like no other woman exists on the planet? I also have to believe that any guy who can appreciate the feminine mystique and the happiness of a love found would not also enjoy this fast and highly entertaining story.

To me, this is one of the best 2 romantic comedies ever made because it never gets sappy, sugary, or full of gimmicks. I deplore love stories in which one or both of the two leads 1)see the other in a situation that leads them to misinterpret something to the detriment of their relationship; and 2)there is some awful or stupid or tragic circumstance that they must overcome to be together. These kinds of plot lines always disrupt the flow of endorphins that should be free-flowing when watching a romcom. French Kiss has such a pureness of two personalities fitting together at the right time in the right place that it makes your heart soar.

Kevin Kline is simply killer as a French rogue, full of street smarts and macho but with the soul of a poet in his ambitions. Meg Ryan literally sparkles in her role with her shining smile, shining hair, and - thanks to a good script - her shining wit. The contrasting cultures of the French man and the all-American woman is what sets this story apart from others in this genre. And it is why I can't decide which movie I prefer between this and When Harry Met Sally. They are both triumphs. And both can be viewed repeatedly without loss of interest.

The soundtrack matches the perfection of the film, and the only shortcoming is that Van Morrison's zenith of love songs "Someone Like You" is left for last, coming near the end of the credits which means many people might miss it. It would have pleased me more if it was used during the last scene.

Do not hesitate to buy this movie if you like romantic comedies. It will prove to be a true gem in your film library and likely will become even more of a treasure as time goes on and we fully realize Hollywood very rarely produces this kind of undiluted joy.

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