The Wolf's Call


Action / Drama

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Omar Sy as D'Orsi
Reda Kateb as Grandchamp
François Civil as Chanteraide
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tanguy-pocquet 8 / 10

Well thought out scenario and good actors

This movie depicts a topical and realistic situation, with the codes of most major big-budget movie. The cast is well chosen and overall does a good job of portraying what many would expect the French navy to be like. But in my opinion, the most successful trait of the movie is its storyline, stemming from contemporary stakes, which I've rarely seen in military/tactical movies, which instead tend to focus on past historical events or on more far-fetched futuristic scenarios. I think that's the reason the story is so compelling, and why I personally found the movie so immersive.

Reviewed by ahmen-197-938688 4 / 10

Reminds me of my childhood

Submarines are exciting, maybe because there aren't that many films involving them. And the first part of this movie keeps that excitement at top. Then it slows down a little, swinging towards a mystery that needs to be solved. A beautiful girl (the only woman in the movie) comes into play, but for what cause I cannot figure out, maybe the french need at least one beautiful girl in every film. Then there are complications with nuclear missiles involved and then these complications need to be solved. At this point I'm lost in technobabble, but I enjoyed the script since it reminded me of how we used to play war as kids: "Now this happens, and then this, and then ..." we invented situations without any concern for logic, like this movie does.

Reviewed by happytrigger-64-390517 8 / 10

for submarines movies lovers, which is rare

Submarine movie genre is quite unique in France, I just remember having seen 40 years ago the René Clément "les Maudits" (with a terrific scene), I really don't remember another french title dealing with submarines. Even in Hollywood, it's a seldom exploited theme. And we have the opportunity to discover a kind of french Joel Silver production, but without Bruce Willis or other great star. And that's cool, all cast is fine (Francis Lavil as the special acoustic young specialist), but real special bravo to director Antonin Baudry and his team : first direction, complete solid and technical direction, tragic suspense, a never seen geo political subject in french cinema. Go on Mr Baudry, we're waiting for your next movie.

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