Always Be My Maybe


Comedy / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by purplesanz 8 / 10

I Loved It.

I watched it yesterday and I would be more than glad to watch it again. The characters were so likeable, especially James Saito, who made me smile with every scene he was on. I have to admit the Keanu Reeves part took me by surprise and it was HILARIOUS. If you are a fan of romantic comedies and also have some knowledge about Keanu's previous roles in action movies, you will totally enjoy this one, I guarantee it.

Reviewed by ozgun-75295 9 / 10

Just what I needed

Having a few bad weeks behind due to work, personal family issues etc etc and just opened Netflix late evening to set my mind away from all stuff. This movie was just what I needed! Creating acting, great plot. Got me a great "happy feeling" during the whole movie. Thanks to all who played a role in making this movie!!

Reviewed by royhectorkabanlit 10 / 10

A Solid, Feel Good Rom-Com

I felt that the movie was a little bit slow at the start, but it did eventually get its groove with some really, really funny scenes, particularly the one involving Keanu, which makes me wonder how the hell they were able to get him star in this "small" movie after the enormous success of the John Wick series. Vivian Bang stole every scene she was in, and I didn't know Randall Park was such a good rapper. Anyway, a pretty solid feel good Rom-Com, highly recommended.

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