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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by howardka-08446 5 / 10

Like Sliders without the, you know, entire story.

Found this on Netflix highly recommended based on my previous ratings of movies. Watched it. REALLY enjoyed it. Kind of like Sliders meets Lost. But here's the thing--what a total waste. Meant to be a pilot for an entire series, the "movie" so prematurely ended that not even a single mystery was explained. I'm guessing that FOX, once again, gave the axe to a promising series, but enough was filmed that someone just said, "screw it, make it a movie." The pilot is really really good. As a movie, it really really sucked. You can't just write a screenplay for a pilot and call it a movie, it doesn't work like that. It's too bad, because this is a series that I would really love to watch.

Reviewed by RobertLThorpe 5 / 10


I have to give this a 5 because it is unfinished. Apparently it was suppose to be a TV show but didn't get picked up so they made a stand alone movie.. Well, I guess the pilot episode was turned into a movie and of course it has no closure, it just ends. No questions were answered that it poses which is a shame because it was a pretty decent flick accept for a few performance issues and some pretty cheesy dialogue. Other than that, the premise was good, inventive and much darker than Sliders. ohh well. I wondering if anyone will pick up the rest of it and I am just writing more cause it says I have to have 10 lines of review and I don't have that much cause it just ends.

Reviewed by casey-may-r 5 / 10

Great Premise, Poor Ending

I saw this on Netflix. Marked as a movie. We watched this with enthusiasm. We really enjoy seeing alternate realities and how people overcome their obstetrical. But this "episode" left the viewers wanting. The end is a total cliff hanger. WITH NO QUESTIONS ANSWERED. The ending even posed more questions than not.

For a show/movie with no adverts claiming future productions, this movie left me almost feeling angry that there was no conclusion. I had to watch something else after just to get over my frustration. Some shows pull off cliff hangers perfectly, this show failed.

If they find funding and fans enough to continue, we'd love to watch it. But, without awful cliffhangers. Great plot and acting otherwise.

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