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Lorenzo Lamas as General Lane
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HairDude 3 / 10

Over the top acting and just plain stupid!

I hate movies where the attempt to be humorous results in over the top acting. The story is stupid and the soundtrack constantly tries to underline a suspense that just isn't there. When there's a fight or when the lead character ties a guy up it's all done half hearted like in a bad school play.

It's bad even though the lead actor does a decent attempt and the budget is obviously none existent.

Not recommended.

Reviewed by uberdonkey6 4 / 10

I wanted to like it

The quirky lead and his cute spunky daughter could have been a winning combination. The story is just too simplistic and childish, and the first half of the film is very flat.. mostly the writer guy looking panicked and crazy running around the same large bookstore set. Probably the blandest location I've seen, and the other location, the mine, looks like the sets used for early Star Trek outdoor areas which were actually in a studio.

I guess at the end it all tied up, but it's like it was written for a 12 year old boy. There was very little depth and not much fun along the way, and the motivations of the characters were less than superficial. I hope this was a low budget film, because ot could have been made for about 10 000 dollars, including wages. Filming was ok though. Not sure what else to say because content was pretty drab.

Reviewed by kenrengering 8 / 10

Loved the main character!

A very creative story with some very subtle but humorous moments! You are not lead by the nose as to why you have this feeling of dread, but it is palpable. A dark story that's not wrapped up in a little package, but feels resolved at the end.

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