Shed of the Dead


Comedy / Horror

IMDb Rating 5.3 10 674


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Brian Blessed as Narrator
Kane Hodder as Mr. Parsons
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by anthony_wakefield 9 / 10

Gored for a laugh !

I wonder if some people just can't be pleased or have so little going on in their lives they have to complain at the slightest opportunity. Either that or they hate anything that interferes with their "sit in the corner and whack off opinions about Shaun". Well Shed of the Dead is a fun, boyish, crude, and sometimes distinctly immature journey into a gaming geeks fantasy, about zombies, women, and heroic figures. It's a popcorn movie with crude jokes and knowing nods to all the films of influence that have come before. It won't win any oscars but then I doubt it ever intended to. Instead it just has fun, ramps up the adult humour, and dares to tread where Shaun didn't want, or have the cajones to. So instead of whining like spoilt little kids who won't share their toys, grab a handful of what masquerades as your manhood and lighten up ! Life is too short !

Reviewed by charmedwedding 9 / 10

Watch this

Boyfriend suggested this and originally turned my nose up, but so glad I did, was like a zombie inbetweeners, which as far as I'm concerned it's what British comedy is lacking today, proper enjoyed it

Reviewed by findelaney 10 / 10

A great giggle with gore! Superb

I'm a fan of a lot of the cast from previous movies with completely different genres.

Collaboratively well done, really enjoyed the movie. Pleasantly surprised and one I'd watch again.

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