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Kristin Chenoweth as Maleficent
Kathy Najimy as Evil Queen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jonbee-39559 6 / 10

Charming with a bit too much Cheese

I won't be the first in saying this movie was a bit slanted toward the cheesy, campy side of Disney. But then again, what Disney Channel movie isn't? I would like to point out, however, that the leads (Mal and Ben) were relatively believable (and likable) characters. I'm not spoiling the movie when I say that Dove Cameron did well at portraying an independent young woman with conflictions about living up to her mother's expectations. On the good side, Mitchell Hope made me believe he was the son of a Disney prince and princess (now king and queen).

Granted, there were several times I wanted to stop watching this film due to the gross amount of cheese and horrible scripts, but I stayed each time for those moments of sincerity and sometimes cleverness. I will probably watch this movie again, and maybe again after that. (Guilty pleasures...) Oh, and P.S. Kristin Chenoweth is an amazing actress who was clearly having fun with her role. She might have come off as mostly cartoonish, but there were some moments where she brought the dread-factor in some subtle ways.

Reviewed by MissSimonetta 6 / 10

Rotten to the core

Disney's Descendants is a miracle of campy film-making. The cheese levels are off the charts as the teenaged children of the Disney villains sing, dance, and fall in love with their heroic counterparts.

The highlights have to be the so bad it's awful rap rendition of "Be Our Guest," the depiction of Maleficent as a tap dancing fiend, and the rest of the villains being depicted as washed up home-bodies who vegetate on the couch all day.

To be fair to the younger actors, they're game with their performances. The script feels like a fan fiction written by middle school age kids with plot holes galore: how did the villains reproduce? I'm guessing they either asexually budded or hooked up with other villains to produce them? Also, if the nerdy Doug is the son of Dopey, then who's his mother? And this is just the icing on the cake: why is Prince Ben okay with Mal slipping him a love potion? How did the wand summon Maleficent when the fairy godmother's kid just wanted to use it to make herself beautiful? Ah, who cares? This is guilty pleasure level fun and I'm sad to say I'll probably watch it again.

Reviewed by divyanka 4 / 10

A Really Lame Movie that had a Lot of Potential

Descendants is a movie based on the children of four major, evil, villainous characters of Disney, and had great potential. However, it the worst movie I have ever seen. There was no development of all the things that could have happened, the great story plot that it could have been. Most of the story becomes very lame and boring 'school' experiences the villains' children have, and is uninteresting throughout. There could have been huge schemes and subplots to make this complicated, but it was basic and dull, like mostly all movies that air on Disney Channel. Again, for some reason, it seems that the shows and movies on Disney Channel are all strangely lame.

The character choices for the villains' children was terrible. Only the Aladdin one was suitable, and no one else. The daughter of the evil witch from Snow White was very annoying, and so was the other boy. A bad character choice, an extremely boring storyline, and terrible songs for the most part.


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