Crime / Drama

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Clive Standen as Chucky
Don Johnson as Gerry
Burt Young as Don Ruggiero
Theo Rossi as Deuce
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by contactmaz 2 / 10

Don't bother

A good story because it's based on a real heist but the acting and script was bad. Very poor acting and much of Deuce's and Chucky's acting was laughable. There was no way that 2 low-IQ goons could do this heist but apparently, they did. I was very surprised/shocked that I watched it all the way through! Never mind, it could have been much worse, but a 2 rating is all that I felt it deserved. Sort of proves how poor the acting was if these goons did actually pull off the job with their 'buddies'!

I think IMDB/Amazon should also be able to filter out all of these fake ratings and reviews that are occurring. Several reviews, all on 14th June, a 9 or 10 rating, and written in the same format! Pretty pathetic if this can't be detected and just proves that fake reviews with high ratings is needed to help this rubbish film along. Just changed my rating from 3 to 2 by the way!

Reviewed by bobbyrisigliano 2 / 10

Thanksgiving came early.

This movie is a turkey. The Acting was cringe worthy except for Chazz and Don and the guy who said his name was Benjamin Benjamin. Doubt I'll watch again.

Reviewed by metalheadviper 1 / 10

Omg don't bother... like at all.

My dad really wanted to see this, so we watched it together and words can't describe how bad this writing was. I found myself shaking my head most of the film instead of enjoying it. The worst use of Burt Young... like ever. Why even have him in the movie other than to say he was in the movie (for 6 seconds). Chazz is the man! I think he was more interested in being Raymond then being in this movie. For what little we saw of him, he's awesome. Rossi also isn't bad at all and a stand out among laughable acting. He needs to be in a real mob movie, not amateur hour. So much potential wasted and I'm super mad about it. Being from RI and hearing my dad tell stories, I was really excited to see this. Ugh, so sorry I wasted my time. Btw, my dad lived the news clips as it brought back memories for him but that was about it. He said a lot of this was " bad interpretation" rather than what REALLY happened.

Can Scorsese plllleeeaasssseee redo this???

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