What Men Want


Comedy / Fantasy / Romance

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Taraji P. Henson as Ali Davis
Kellan Lutz as Captain Fucktastic
Max Greenfield as Kevin Myrtle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by esabrieva-1 1 / 10


Oh what the heck, I'm just gonna repeat my tittle: WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP

Reviewed by Padreviews 2 / 10

Both Men and Women want the same thing - a decent film !

Honestly this was rubbish

I can't think of one redeeming feature of it ?

The script was awful full of stereotypes and cliches . Full of thinly disguised racism , homophobia , sexism and misogyny

This was no female version of Jerry McGuire yet it could have been - it could have been a film about female empowerment against a backdrop of male dominated sports agencies .

The sex scenes were embarrassing and diabolical . There was little of any humour and as soon as she received her inevitable knock on the head you wished you'd also been knocked out and woke up in a different film !

If this was television , netflix or Prime you'd stop it or switch channels - unfortunately it's cinema so you feel compelled to stay to the end , sadly I couldn't I tried but in the end I had to walk out . I tried to stay till the end but it was just so flat .

It's so sad that films like this get distributed when there are so many other worthy films out there that never the exposure .

You have been warned !

Rubbish 2/10 Pad.A

Reviewed by coastdaze 2 / 10

Nothin' like Mel Gibson's great movie "What Women Want"

Flat out this movie was too gross to appreciate the infrequent funny lines. This is about a nasty female in corporate America. I was surprised and disappointed in Taraji taking on this kind of low-class role. For me there was nothing at all entertaining about this movie and it ticked me off seeing another portrayal of this type of woman. I'm trying to think of something to say about the movie, but I can't. It had nothing in it to make it stand out. It was silly and portrayed the ugly, nasty side of some women today. Ultra formula comedy and a waste of film, imo. Gosh, I really dislike it when they put out trash like this...as you can probably tell.

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