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Franco Nero as Django
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Reviewed by MisterWhiplash 8 / 10

if you can ignore the wretched dubbing- one of the worst outside of Godzilla- it's an enjoyable whirlwind of a spaghetti western

Sergio Corbucci is not really a great director, but if I hear his name I perk up in a genre-geek sort of way. Having seen a couple other movies by him, Navajo Joe and Il Grande Silenzio, I knew what to expect with Django, which is some of the same only (hopefully) more violent and serious and convoluted. Actually, the story in Django isn't too convoluted, just if you don't pay close attention, which is easy once or twice. It doesn't have the weird, cool energy of Grande Silenzio or the camp of Navajo Joe. But it stands on its own as a solid entry- the most well-known of all spaghetti westerns in Europe (yes, more than Leone, who was also a God there), and, well... if you watch the dubbed version from Anchor Bay video and come out unscathed, more power to you.

Franco Nero is in his iconic role as the title character (sing it with me, "Djangoooo!"), a man dragging a coffin into town and with some payback to deliver against a man named Jackson, and is actually caught up in two warring factions: a group of red-suited KKK members, and a crazy group of Mexicans, with women thrown from here to there and in-between. Django, of course, doesn't want to get involved with that, but he does, and it becomes a whole big thing not too unfamiliar to those who've seen their share of Leone pictures. In fact, this was the first in a whole franchise of Django- some official and most not, leading up to this year with Miike's amazing remake- and I could likely see this as being the best without having seen one other. It's just a guess, I could be wrong. Certainly it would be hard to top the body count, which nears 150 (or maybe it's more), if not all of the performances.

Then again, it's the look of most of the characters that becomes more and more striking as the movie goes on, including one snarling gunman with bad teeth and big gums (I forget his name), and the stone-faced Jackson himself who Django has the chance to kill early on but leaves alive (somewhat bewilderingly, then again there would be no film and less conflict for otherwise amazing comic-book gunslinger Django). What Corbucci can deliver alongside his cast of mostly bit players and hamming-uppers, is a kind of tough but loose style; he won't go to extremes like Leone with a close-up or a far-away angle, he'll just zoom and veer right into the action and get all of the bloody, crazy killings right up close and fast as possible. He's a good exploitation director and a decent stylist, with a little artistry and a warped form of professionalism. It must be fun and/or rough work being on his set.

So, for any and all genre fans, spaghetti western or just crazy-action film, you'll see why Django gets its rep, for better or for worse, usually the better. It's sometimes sloppy and occasionally not altogether well-made, but it soaks up its audience with its character as he kills quick with his huge cannon of a machine gun and has a final scene at a cemetery that is in the books somewhere as a mark of a true bad-ass. Just make sure, for the love of Pete, to try and steer clear of the English dubbing, as it's a mind-numbing experience (or just hilarious too).

Reviewed by ma-cortes 7 / 10

Classic and violent Spaghetti Western with numerous imitations and rip-offs.

This cult movie centers on Django(Franco Nero), a stranger man without identity , at the beginning he saves a woman (Loredana Nusciak). Later on , he is going to a village dragging a coffin behind him . The little town is located in the US-Mexican border . There he will take on two rivals , a Yankee group (leading Eduardo Fajardo) and a Mexican bunch (commanding Jose Bodalo). The colonel Jackson band is formed by a type of Ku-Klux-Klan hoodlums and he wears a red foulard . Django befriends the owner of the saloon (Angel Alvarez , a character-alike to Silvanito from ¨Fistful of dollars¨). Django seeks vengeance and go after the dastardly nasties because of his wife lies into a tomb captioning Mercedes Zaro (1839-1869) .

It is an exciting western co-produced by Italy/Spain with breathtaking showdown between the starring and his enemies . The highlights of the film are the confrontation at the village full of mud and dirtiness , between the baddies hooded with a red scarf and Django wielding a machine gun (though with anachronism , because being actually a 'Maxim model' that was made in 1880 and isn't utilized the usual 'Gatlin' machine-gun) and there he does a real massacre . Besides , the attack at fort where Django and henchmen cause a cruel slaughter , and , of course , the final showdown at the graveyard . Django is named as homage to ¨Django Reinhardt¨ , the famous American musician who introduced his particular guitar . There are special remembrances to Leone's Westerns , thus: ¨Fistful of dollars¨ about the facing off between two bands and ¨The good, ugly and evil¨ regarding the cemetery duel . The film blends violence , blood , shootouts and it is fast moving except for the saloon's episode that's a little bit slow-moving . There are many technicians and assistants who will have a long career , as cameraman Enzo Barboni or E.B.Clucher (filmmaker of ¨Trinity¨ series with Terence Hill , Bud Spencer) who does an excellent photography with barren outdoors , dirty landscapes under a glimmer sun and foggy clouds , shot on outskirts of Madrid in La Pedriza , Torremocha Del Jarama and Colmenar Viejo . The musician Luis Enrique Bacalov (author of ¨The Postman and Pablo Neruda¨ which won an Oscar and composed lots of Spaghetti) creates a good soundtrack with Ennio Morricone influence . In addition , assistant direction by Ruggiero Deodato (Cannibal Holocaust). The picture was no authorized to minor 18 years and prohibited in various countries for its violence , for example , in England , but in France , Germany was a real hit and in Japan there is one ¨Fondazione Django¨ too . Sergio Corbucci direction is good ; after that , he would make several Spaghetti classics : ¨The great silence¨, ¨Compañeros¨ and ¨the Mercenary¨ and other considerable Paella Westerns : ¨Hellbenders¨, ¨Far west story¨ , ¨Johnny Oro¨ and ¨Navajo Joe¨.

It is followed by an official sequel titled ¨Django strikes again (1987)¨ by Nello Rossati alias Ted Archer with Franco Nero who has left his previous life of violence in favor of a existence as monk , though returns when his daughter is kidnapped . Furthermore, numerous unofficial sequels , rip-offs , and copies , such as : ¨Django the last killer (67)¨ by Giuseppe Vari with George Eastman ; Django dares Sartana¨ (69) by Pascuale Squitieri ; Django Il Bastardo¨(1969) by Sergi Garrone with Anthony Steffen , ¨Django shoots first (1974)¨ by Alberto De Martino with Glen Saxon and Evelyn Stewart.

Reviewed by SMK-4 9 / 10

Mystical central figure

At least in Europe, this other spaghetti western variation of Kurosawa's Yojimbo was probably even more influential than the film that created the genre, A Fistful of Dollars, with countless imitations, rip-offs, sequels, remakes. The title hero is again very different from traditional Western heroes, but this time he is a much more mystical (almost religious) figure than even the man with no name, and the places he goes to are even dirtier and more desperate and downtrodden than any place we would find in a Leone Western.

The impressive opening sequence shows Django dragging a coffin behind him through a muddy and featureless landscape, accompanied by Bacalov's title song (not Morricone, for a change), heading for his first battle. The coffin, his dark coat, and the mystique around him make him appear like an angel of death, invoking associations with the Red Death character in Roger Corman's Masque of the Red Death. Django is not quite as untouchable and supernatural, but the body count in his trace is comparable.

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