Butch and Sundance: The Early Days


Action / Comedy / Western

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Christopher Lloyd as Bill Tod Carver
Tom Berenger as Butch Cassidy / Robert Leroy Parker
Brian Dennehy as O.C. Hanks
Peter Weller as Joe Le Fors
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10

Not great, but the cast keeps this watchable

BUTCH AND SUNDANCE: THE EARLY YEARS is a western prequel to BUTCH CASSIDY & THE SUNDANCE KID; they couldn't make a straight sequel to that movie for obvious reasons. This one sees the notorious duo just starting out, with William Katt (of CARRIE fame) a lot of fun as Sundance and Tom Berenger slightly wooden and uncomfortable as Butch. The film is directed by Richard Lester, of THE THREE MUSKETEERS fame, and much in the spirit of those movies, i.e. very silly, over-directed, and barging its way through genre tropes with high energy and low wit. What does keep this watchable are the minor roles for future greats, with Christopher Lloyd playing a typically goofy role (he gets one of the film's funniest lines), future ROBOCOP Peter Weller a lawman, Vincent Schiavelli a bad guy, and the great Brian Dennehy a typically larger-than-life presence.

Reviewed by keith miron 7 / 10

Fun western

I Was surprised by Butch and Sundanese: the early days, since I'm not a big fan of westerns, but this movie was fun. I haven't seen the original Butch Cassey and the Sundanese kid yet, but I'm sure this movie is just as good. MY favorite parts were the snow, taking out a billet out of someone, a skunk spraying his oder at someone, the mountains, the scenery. The movie stars Tom Berenger as Butch Cassidy and William Katt as the Sundance Kid this time around and they did a pretty good job replacing Paul Newman and Robert Redford. John Schuck from McMillan and Wive has a bit part. He is fun to watch- I GIVE BUTCH AND SUNDANCE: THE EARLY YEARS *** OUT OF **** STARS.

Reviewed by craigjclark 8 / 10

Richard Lester goes West

As the first of the modern-day prequels this has something of a bad rep, but baggage aside it's a pretty entertaining yarn. This is the first and only time director Richard Lester ventured into the western genre and he manages to place his own stamp on the film. Much of it takes place during the winter, which provides for a different visual palette (similar to the look of Altman's "McCabe and Mrs. Miller"), and Lester adds his usual throwaway lines to keep things light.

Tom Berenger and William Katt do a good job as Butch and Sundance, and at times Katt's resemblance to Robert Redford is uncanny. Likewise when Berenger wears his hat just so. Joining them are Peter Weller as LeFors (who ends their first encounter by saying ominously, "I'll see you again"), Brian Dennehy as a rustler out for revenge, Vincent Schiavelli as a casino guard, Paul Price (late of Lester's "The Ritz") as a stingy butcher, and John Schuck and Christopher Lloyd as a couple of bumbling outlaws. Also, if you look sharp you can catch Richard Lester's cameo about 34 minutes in, doing a double take during one of the duo's getaways.

All in all, "Butch and Sundance: The Early Days" may not in the same league as the original, but it's a good enough film in its own right, and at least worth a rental.

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