The Tale


Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Frances Conroy as Mrs. G - Older
Laura Dern as Jennifer
Jason Ritter as Bill
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by peterdeuk 10 / 10

Breathe deep

This is one of the most honest, disturbing yet beautiful explorations of a subject that is all too often over-simplified or dealt with extremely heavy-handily.

The way that the abuse is discussed within the characters frozen in time in the main character's psyche, is profound and unflinchingly honest. The discussions in real-life between mother and daughter - painfully real.

I will be thinking about this film for some time to come, it is an invitation to look much more closely at the stories we tell ourselves, especially with regards to "love".

Reviewed by parkii-56642 9 / 10

I've never written a review but..

This movie is absolutely perfect. It's raw, real, and shows how sexual abuse can affect the subconscious for a lifetime. As someone who was sexually abused at a young age, I recommend this movie to anyone who has gone through something similar. You won't regret it.

The acting is superb, the writing and style of film works great for the theme.

POWERFUL, MOVING, BREATHTAKINGLY PAINFUL.. This is one movie I will never forget.

Reviewed by coachbarbwade 9 / 10

How we re-write history to survive - heartbreaking

The most interesting thing to add to other reviewers is how this poor child chose to reinvent what happened to her as consensual, as evidence she was "mature," she was making her own choices, she was "NOT a victim!" (as she boldly wants us to know!).

Yet this sweet, young, pre-pubescent girl was abused, molested, and raped through preying upon her own insecurity, self-doubt, and shyness. However, she CAN'T see it that way and continue to survive.

So the adult Jennifer begins the movie with a fuzzy memory of a consensual relationship and herself at around 15 in her mind (until her mother corrects her - no, you were 13 that summer). And she slowly unravels what really happened. Most interestingly, we see the devastation in her life in present day that's a direct result of her experiences.

I know this is based on a true story. I would love to have seen /read the "original" essay she wrote at 13 years old for English class about the entire experience and why the teacher did NOT become alarmed and alert the girls parents or authorities. But it was different time then.... Still, unforgivable.

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