The Browsing Effect


Comedy / Romance

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Nikki SooHoo as Rachel
Grayson Kilpatrick as Young Dustin
Gabriela Lopez as Gabriela
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 3 / 10

Fate with a GPS function

20 something couples break up and date others using the Tinder App. They all have sex whenever they want to and always with different partners who are all hotties, just like real life. Reminded me of reading those Penthouse letters, the whole world is having one big orgy except for me.

Most of the group was shallow and unlikable, frustrated because in their 20's they have not yet achieved their life's ambition. It is a generational film and not mine.

Guide: F-word. Sex. No nudity. Note to self: Never propose to a girl who is high on cocaine.

Reviewed by jessicabibby11 10 / 10

Witty and feel-good (yet very real) rom-com. A must see!

This movie had my cracking up from start to finish. It's talks about the realities (the good, the bad, and the, ugly) of on-line dating and dating in general. If you're a lover of comedy and/or romance, you have to watch this. It's fantastic!

Reviewed by gladstone-d 9 / 10

Swipe right!

Dating online can be heaven or hell and leave us feeling dejected or elated. This film wrestles with the unique qualms of app based dating and does it with a cutting cometic style.

Those who have swiped right will find this film funny and relatable. Those who haven't stand to learn about the conundrums of modern love and will get a good laugh out of what all those single millennials are dealing with.

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