3801 Lancaster: American Tragedy


Crime / Documentary / Drama / News

IMDb Rating 6.3 10 287

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jfaith-81509 3 / 10

Went in completely blind...

I love documentaries and had never heard of this one before and had no idea what it was about when I turned it on. I appreciated the story telling in the beginning of the movie and found Dr. Gosnell's practice to be atrocious. I think it's more a failure of the Pennsylvania department of health not doing their job than anything. The movie likes to bring up that there are no inspections of abortion clinics (unless there is a complaint filed) but I don't think they focused enough on the fact that there were NUMEROUS complaints filed. So the answer isn't necessarily that clinics should be inspected on a scheduled basis but just that the department of health should have done their jobs when these complaints were brought to their attention.

Throughout most of the film I could not tell whether the movie was made by "pro-life" or "pro-choice" advocates which I thought was excellent as it felt like we were getting an unbiased view of the horrors of some abortion practitioners. However, as the film neared the end it became evident that the filmmakers were most definitely pro-life and instead of ending the film with the satisfying conclusion of Dr. Gosnell getting prosecuted and sentenced to life in prison they decided to side track and add on a piece about a Planned Parenthood clinic in DE. I thought this was unnecessary and misleading. It actually made me question the validity of the rest of the documentary, sadly.

There were also so many things that could have been addressed that weren't. The interview they did with Dr. Gosnell was lacking in a LOT of questions I think viewers of the film would have liked answers to. "Why were you keeping parts of the fetus' in jars?"..."Why did you have 47 fetus' in the freezer?"..."If you really thought you were helping those in need why were the conditions of your clinic in such a poor, filthy state?". Instead they just allowed him to ramble about how he still believes he was doing the right thing.

All in all I felt like this film had a lot of potential to shed some light on a subject that is kept in the dark all too often but instead the film makers used it as a soap box for their political beliefs and lost credibility, at least in my eyes.

Reviewed by AaronWidera 5 / 10

Questionable Motive for the Filmmakers?

Viewers are sure to be engrossed by this documentary detailing the horrific case of one Dr. Gosnell. The documentary does an excellent job of keeping you in suspense, methodically doling out details to keep you wondering what exactly made this abortion clinic stand out from others. Quite early on, the filmmaker speaks with Dr. Gosnell on the phone, and he explains who he is, and why, despite his Christian beliefs, he believes his actions are defensible based on his interpretation of the bible.

As we learn more about what Dr. Gosnell actually did, we learn there is a huge disconnect between what he was accused of and what he felt was permissible as a "Christian" to do when it comes to terminating a pregnancy. The documentary's huge first failing is to not ask him about these contradictions. SPOILER: It would seem obvious if you manage to talk to him on the phone, you would ask him what medical necessity required him to keep the feet of fetuses/babies in jars. And that's just the most obvious question they could have asked him.

The other huge problem with this film made me question the motive for this film. The end of the film expands the scope to include gross misconduct at a Planned Parenthood in Delaware. While at first I was willing to go with this direction, it became problematic. They interview several nurses who worked at this Planned Parenthood, who say they are pro-choice. Fine. Perhaps the filmmaker's point was that refusing to oversee abortion clinics can lead to problems even at a well established and funded facility such as Planned Parenthood, and not just a gross "hole in the wall" abortion clinic such as Gosnell's. But the actions at this Planned Parenthood, while despicable, do not come close to the actions of the psychotic butcher at 3801 Lancaster. It creates somewhat of a false equivalency, as if all abortion clinics are just looking to cut corners and do as many abortions as quickly as possible. And then it mentions how Planned Parenthood is fighting legislation that would force them to have the same standards as a hospital in states such as Virginia and Texas, as if the whole organization was trying to shirk their responsibilities as a provider of medical services. Anyone who does a cursory investigation into the Texas legislation will find that there is much more to the legislation than just keeping the clinic sanitary. The law is so restrictive that you couldn't possibly operate a clinic outside of a hospital setting (and guess what, you can't perform abortions at a hospital). To misrepresent the Texas legislation in this manner makes one question the filmmaker's intent. If you want to make a pro-life film, that's fine. Just be honest and upfront about the film you're making.

Reviewed by ldeitrick-16036 3 / 10

Potential to be a good documentary but got lost preaching anti-abortion speech

This had the potential to be a good documentary on the failure of government agency, the dangers of late term abortions, and the importance of keeping safe and humane abortion clinics available to all women. Instead of focusing on how to improve the system, it choose to demonize abortion itself. If anything, this should serve as a warning of the dangers of making abortions more difficult to receive - more clinics like this would show up in alleys across the country. This is a tragedy and clinics should be inspected for safety, however to imply this is the norm across America, which I believe this did imply, its purely for the benefit of preaching anti- abortion rhetoric.

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