Darkness Visible



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mcupp-89459 8 / 10

One of the best cultural horrors!

This movie is well worth watching! A great diversion from American horror that seems to be out of fresh ideas! If I say anymore it would spoil it for those of you that have not seen it yet. It kept a great pace, and explained things well enough so that each scene flowed into the next one nicely! Good story line, and dialogue was decent. I know so very little about the India culture so the stories twists and turns were fast enough moving to hold the interest in the story line. Truly worth the time to watch.

Reviewed by jordanthom 7 / 10

Dark and fascinating story about returning to your roots

Darkness Visible mostly takes place in India, with stunning establishing shots and displays of the beautiful architecture. India also serves as the backdrop to the horrifying and gruesome events happening in the film and it fits with its dark and gritty tone. The horror and suspense are fantastic, but what strikes me the most is the character of Ronnie and his journey as he goes to his roots and learns more about who he is. This movie is far from a story about someone re-discovering themselves after returning to their hometown in a traditional sense, but the core of the story is about just that. Ronnie has been cut out completely from his dark and troubling past and he is now forced to confront it. He learns more about his family and how he is connected to his hometown in more ways than he thought. The way that the supernatural is connected to that idea of going back to your roots is extremely unique and unlike anything I have ever seen before.

Reviewed by BigScreenFan2019 7 / 10

I wasn't expecting that ending!

Good horror film where things started to come to "light" closer to the end of the movie. I wanted to scream at the screen: Ronnie, go back to London! Ronnie, don't go down that dark alley!! Don't read or hear any spoiler alerts before watching.

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